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Two Souls, by Walfman Productions, is an upcoming four-part horror series starting in Summer 2014 on WX. Set in modern times in the fictional island of Harper Island, the story focuses on Alexandra, a demon hunter who possesses supernatural/demonic powers, and her vow to hunt for the killer of a close friend of hers.

Walfman revealed that the horror series has elements of the supernatural, and that he was inspired by watching the hit US TV series: Supernatural, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, as well as playing the hit video game series: Devil May CryHe further added that some episode will have some ideas he had when he tackled the supernatural horror series for an A2 Film Studies Practical Coursework, where he wrote a short Supernatural Horror film screenplay.


Character Actor Duration From Episode
Alexandra Olga Kurylenko 2014 1x01 -
Matt Fisher Jared Padalecki 2014  TBD
Jordana Dakota Fanning 2014  TBD
Jack Roberts Jared Leto 2014  TBD
Neo Alex Pettyfer 2014  TBD
Gina Royland Sarah Jayne Dunn 2014  TBD
Esther Susan Flannery 2014  TBD
David Royle Michael Fassbender 2014  TBD
Chris Fisher Richard Fleeshman 2014  TBD
Georgia Naomie Harris 2014  TBD

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