Tom Holden was a fictional character from London based drama series City Girls created by Hannah. Drew was represented by actor Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian is well known for his role as Daniel Jonas in Days of our Lives and has regular guest starring roles on shows such as Charmed, Friends, Ghost Whisperer and all three CSI's.

Tom Holden

Portrayed by Shawn Christian
Duration: 2.7 - 3.22
Age: 38

Occupation: In Prison




Holly Newman - Engaged

Season TwoEdit

Holly's relationship with her university lecturer Tom Holden was exposed thanks to Sammy, leading to Tom to change into someone who couldn't control his temper. In the season finale, readers were left shouting 'No' when Tom proposed to Holly.

Season ThreeEdit

Throughout Season Three, Holly suffered from Tom’s violent outbursts, despite his temper, Holly felt she had no other choice to stay with Tom as she was the reason behind his career loss.

The last few episodes of Season Three focused on Holly's storyline. Holly slept

with Jake on her hen night, but despite his attempts, she refused to change her mind about marrying Tom. On the day of the wedding, Jake revealed the truth to Izzie, but even Izzie and Ashley couldn't get Holly to change her mind. As Holly went to say her vows, she found the strength to say no and she left him at the altar. But the drama wasn't over, Tom held Holly and Ashley hostage, but the girls managed to overpower him and save themselves.

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