The first ever WriXAS was hosted in Decemeber 2011/January 2012.


Award Nominations
Best Fan Fiction
  • Lem's Casualty
  • AllThingsUK's Original Fantasy Casualty
  • AllThingsUK's New Fantasy Casualty
  • AppleCobbler's Fantasy Coronation Street
  • Ross' Fantasy Coronation Street
  • Jess' Fantasy Coronation Street
  • EastieEnders' Fantasy EastEnders
  • AllThingsUK's Fantasy EastEnders
  • Am32's Fantasy EastEnders
  • Ross' Fantasy Emmerdale
  • Jess' Fantasy Emmerdale
  • Ross' Fantasy Holby City
  • Ross' Fantasy Hollyoaks
  • Jess' Fantasy Hollyoaks
Best Male Character
  • Bastian (In Gear)

  • Les (In Gear)

  • Adam Cohen (Ocean Lane)

  • Danny Martindale (Ocean Lane)

  • Ryan Hyde (St George’s)

  • Tom Rill (St George’s)

  • Will (The Forests)

  • Neil (The Forests)

  • Glen Wright (These Days)

  • Steven Cowell (These Days)

  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)

  • Ewan Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
Best Female Character
  • Bella (In Gear)

  • Schneider’s Mum (In Gear)

  • Winona Penryn (Ocean Lane)

  • Jasmine Allen (Ocean Lane)

  • Sophie Green (St George’s)

  • Maria Hyde (St George’s)

  • Lisa (The Forests)

  • Sandra (The Forests)

  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days)

  • Rachel Hornby (These Days)

  • Natalie Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)

  • Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
Best Friendship
  • Les and Tim (In Gear)

  • Bastian and Norbert (In Gear)

  • Alice Black and Danny Martindale (Ocean Lane)

  • Mara Cohen and Teri Black (Ocean Lane)

  • Ryan, Maria, Beth and Carey (St Georges)

  • Tom Rill and Amy Morgan (St Georges)

  • Lisa and Sam (The Forests)

  • Neil, Baz and Will (The Forests)

  • Carrie and Kelly (These Days)

  • Lisa and Lee (These Days)

  • Oscar and Kimberly (Uncertain Nights)

  • Percy and Titus (Uncertain Nights)
Best Relationship
  • Drew Pine and Josie Field (Ocean Lane)

  • Winona Penryn and Scott Martindale (Ocean Lane)

  • Sophie Green and Gavin Hyde (St Georges)

  • Delia and Jonathan Hyde (St Georges)

  • Lisa and Glen (These Days)

  • Ricki and Steven (These Days)

  • Percy and Natalie (Uncertain Nights)

  • Patrick and Gordon (Uncertain Nights)
Best Villain
  • Bastian (In Gear)

  • Ed Mylan (In Gear)

  • Jasmine Allen (Ocean Lane)

  • Gabriella Grace (Ocean Lane)

  • Jonathan Hyde (St Georges)

  • Kaine Morgan (St Georges)

  • Jonathan (The Forests)

  • Gareth (The Forests)

  • Anita Johnson (These Days)

  • Sasha Sheridan (These Days)

  • Percy (Uncertain Nights)

  • Raymond (Uncertain Nights)
Best Exit
  • Markos' Death (In Gear)

  • Libby Cohen (Ocean Lane)

  • Jo Thomas (formerly Louisa Martin) (St Georges)

  • Keeley Thompson (These Days)

  • Sarah Reuban (These Days)
Best Scripted Scene
  • Episode 6, Scene 6 (Ocean Lane)

  • Episode 4, Scene 8 (The Forests)

  • Episode 4, Scene 22 (The Forests)
Biggest Shock
  • Carlos admitting that he caused Andy Coulam's Death (In Gear)

  • Alex's Superlicense Revoked after pile up (In Gear)

  • Danny is Beaten Up (Ocean Lane)

  • Libby and Danny are having an affair (Ocean Lane)

  • The Sports Hall Explosion (St Georges)

  • Jonathan and Eileen's Affair (St Georges)

  • The Bomb Attacks (The Forests)

  • The Hostage Situation (The Forests)

  • Keeley's Death (These Days)

  • Anita's Pregnancy (These Days)

  • The Taxi Crash (Uncertain Nights)

  • Sanchia's Disappearance (Uncertain Nights)
Best Scripted Episode
  • Jasmine and Libby come to blows (Ocean Lane)

  • Danny’s terrible night (Ocean Lane)

  • Judas From the Flames (Part 1) (The Forests)

  • The Morning After (The Forests)
Best Non-Scripted Episode
  • Past, Present, Future (In Gear)

  • Friday 2nd December (St Georges)

  • Christmas Day (St Georges)

  • Episode 27 (These Days)

  • Episode 39 (These Days)

  • Episode 23 (Uncertain Nights)

  • Episode 26 (Uncertain Nights)
Moment of the Year
  • Markos' Death (In Gear)

  • The Team Orders Scandal (In Gear)

  • Libby attacks Jasmine (Ocean Lane)

  • Danny has a meltdown (Ocean Lane)

  • The School Explosion (St Georges)

  • Kevin and Jonathan's Argument (St Georges)

  • The Bomb Attacks (The Forests)

  • The Hostage Situation (The Forests)

  • Sarah's Death (These Days)

  • Spider Crashing into the Barn (These Days)

  • Percy steals from Oscar (Uncertain Nights)

  • Raymond strangles Sanchia (Uncertain Nights)
Best Storyline
  • The Liegate Scandal (In Gear)

  • The Whistleblower Storyline (In Gear)

  • Jack's Disappearance (Ocean Lane)

  • Jasmine and Libby's feud (Ocean Lane)

  • Nick's Cheating Scandal (St Georges)

  • Ryan's Brain Tumour (St Georges)

  • Will's Post Traumatic Stress (The Forests)

  • Gareth and Jonathan's Rivalry (The Forests)

  • Rachel's revenge over Sarah's death (These Days)

  • Anita/Glen/Lisa love triangle (These Days)

  • The Aftermath of the Taxi Crash (Uncertain Nights)

  • Raymond and Simone's marriage problems (Uncertain Nights)
Best Non-Scripted Soap
  • In Gear

  • St George’s

  • These Days

  • Uncertain Nights
Best Scripted Soap
  • Ocean Lane

  • The Forests


Award  Winner(s)
Best Fan Fiction Lem’s Casualty
Best Male Character

          Danny Martindale (Ocean Lane)

Best Female Character Lisa Hopkins (These Days) and Sophie Green (St George's)
Best Friendship Ryan, Maria, Beth and Carey (St George’s)
Best Relationship Lisa and Glen (These Days)
Best Villain Percy (Uncertain Nights) and Bastian (In Gear)
Best Exit Sarah Reuben (These Days)
Best Scripted Scene Episode 6, Scene 6 (Ocean Lane)
Biggest Shock Sanchia’s disappearance (Uncertain Nights) and Bomb Attack (The Forests)
Best Scripted Episode Jasmine and Libby come to blows (Ocean Lane)
Best Non-Scripted Episode Episode 27 (These Days)
Moment of the Year Raymond strangles Sanchia (UN)
Best Storyline Will’s PTSD (The Forests)
Best Non-Scripted Soap These Days
Best Scripted Soap The Forests

The Full Story and StatsEdit

These Days put in an impressive performance walking away with 5 awards. While Ocean Lane, The Forests and Uncertain Nights each picked up 3 awards. Meanwhile St George's picked up 2 and both In Gear and Lem's Casualty picked up 1 award each

Project Awards
These Days 5
Ocean Lane 3
The Forests 3
Uncertain Nights 3
St George's  2
In Gear 1
Lem's Casualty 1

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