The second WriXAs ceremony was hosted in March 2012. The ceremony included many new projects such as The Avenue, Crown Law, Family Ties, High Peak, Redgate, Saints High and Seymore Valley as well as classics including The Forests, St George's, These Days and Uncertain Nights. 


Award Nominations Short listed Nominations
Best Male Character
  • Tony Westaway (The Avenue)
  • Mark Hewitt (Crown Law)
  • Terry Layton (Crown Law)
  • Dylan Ward (Family Ties)
  • Will Bennett (The Forests)
  • Mark Ashton (High Peak)
  • Lewis Kaminski (High Peak)
  • Jack McLean (Redgate)
  • Paul Gallagher (Saints High)
  • Oliver Jeffries (Seymore Valley)
  • Ryan Hyde (St George's)
  • Steven Cowell (These Days)
  • Glen Wright (These Days)
  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Titus Evans (Uncertain Nights)
Best Female Character
  • Shirley Wilkins (The Avenue)
  • Helen Allinson (Crown Law)
  • Iris Ward (Family Ties)
  • Lisa Fraser (The Forests)
  • Kate Bagshaw (High Peak)
  • Debbie Sheldon (High Peak)
  • Jade WIlson (Redgate)
  • Jayne Khan (Saints High)
  • Francesca Thomas (Saints High)
  • Hazel West (Seymore Valley)
  • Sophie Green (St George's)
  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days)
  • Holly Wainwright (These Days)
  • Sanchia Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
  • Helen Allinson (Crown Law)
  • Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
Best Storyline
  • The Kebab Shop Fire/Alison's Death (The Avenue)
  • Allinson assists her husband's suicide (Crown Law)
  • Tamara & Drew Killing Kai (Family Ties)
  • Harry's self-loathing and return to work (The Forests)
  • Tabitha's Rape (The Forests)
  • Kate/Emma Long Lost Reunion (High Peak)
  • Molly's Secret/Rowland's Mystery (High Peak)
  • Joseph/Anita/Deborah Reveal (Redgate)
  • LV Gang Member Reveals Sexual Abuse (Saints High)
  • Hazel kills Karl (Seymore Valley)
  • Tasmin's Racial Abuse/The Riots (St George's)
  • Danielle Missing (These Days)
  • Holly & Glen's Relationship (These Days)
  • Oscar/Delilah/Sanchia Triangle (Uncertain Nights)
  • Raymond's Evil Scheming (Uncertain Nights)
Best Episode
  • Episode 24: Luca's heartbreak over Sonia (The Avenue)
  • No Way Back (Crown Law)
  • Episode 15: Mysterious Minds Part 2/2 (Family Ties)
  • Episode 6: Calm After the Storm (The Forests)
  • Episode 7: Can't Take the Heat (The Forests)
  • Episode 4: The Anniversary (High Peak)
  • Episode 20: Exit Strategy (High Peak)
  • Episode 1: Luke & Karl's deaths (Redgate)
  • Episode 11: The Dark Hour (Saints High)
  • Episode 11: Hazel kills Karl (Two Hander) (Seymore Valley)
  • Episode 40: Riot City (St George's)
  • Episode 52: All Mixed Up (These Days)
  • Episode 58: Till Death Do Us Part (These Days)
  • Episode 42 (Scripted) (Uncertain Nights)
  • Episode 72 (Uncertain Nights)
  • No Way Back (Crown Law)
  • Episode 20: Exit Strategy (High Peak)
  • Episode 72 (Uncertain Nights)
Best Exit
  • Alison Seaby (The Avenue)
  • Kai Green (Family Ties)
  • Saskia Naismith (Redgate)
  • Karl (Seymore Valley)
  • Alison Stone (St George's)
  • Ewan Richarson (Uncertain Nights)
  • Raymond Evans (Uncertain Nights)
Best Scene
  • Sonia dumps Luca: Episode 24 (The Avenue)
  • Kai Dies after attempting to rape Drew: Episode 15 (Family Ties)
  • Gareth's talk about the future of Cardiothoracics: Episode 7 (The Forests)
  • Tabitha's Rape Admission: Episode 6 (The Forests)
  • Emma & Hardy's Quiz Night Cat Fight: Episode 19 (High Peak)
  • Molly's Emotional Exit: Episode 20 (High Peak)
  • Saskia tries to kill April & Molly: Episode 10 (Redgate)
  • Gareth's proposal: Episode 2 (Seymore Valley)
  • Karl's Death: Episode 11 (Seymore Valley)
  • Georgia is revealed as Beth's daughter: Episode 37 (St George's)
  • Danielle Returns Home (These Days)
  • Rosy questions Ben's manipulation (These Days)
  • Ewan says goodbye (Uncertain Nights)
  • Leah tells all to Brenda (Uncertain Nights)
Best Shock
  • Alison reveals terminal cancer: Episode 27 (The Avenue)
  • Layton destroys an incriminating tape (Crown Law) 
  • Les attempts to kill Robbie: Episode 13 (Family Ties)
  • Sam wakes from her coma (The Forests)
  • Harry returns to work after the bombings (The Forests)
  • Bob Collapses with Chest Pains: Episode 1 (High Peak)
  • Mindi Snaps & Resigns: Episode 13 (High Peak)
  • Baby Ruby-May diagnosed with Sickle-Cell Anaemia: Episode 10 (Redgate)
  • Rooftop stand off (Saints High)
  • Karl's Death (Seymore Valley)
  • Rhys Attacked (Seymore Valley)
  • Georgia turns up at the Hydes: Episode 37 (St George's)
  • Glen identifies a body (These Days)
  • Ben causes Rosemary's Heart Attack (These Days)
  • Leah shoots Raymond (Uncertain Nights)
  • Sanchia's Return (Uncertain Nights)
  • Layton destroys an incriminating tape (Crown Law)
  • Ben causes Rosemary's Heart Attack (These Days)
Best Newcomer
  • Steven Carwell (The Avenue)
  • Robbie March (Family Ties)
  • Richard De Vries (The Forests)
  • Kathy Paffett (The Forests)
  • Asif Prasad (The Forests)
  • Simon Wilson (The Forests)
  • Emma Draycott (High Peak)
  • Phillipa Hardy (High Peak)
  • Autumn-Rose Edney (Redgate)
  • Esther Dawson (Seymore Valley)
  • Rebecca Rhodes (Seymore Valley)
  • Hazel West (Seymore Valley)
  • Georgia Costen (St George's)
  • Ben Warren (These Days)
  • James Warren (These Days)
  • Delilah Pearce (Uncertain Nights)
  • Alan Powell (Uncertain Nights)
Best Baddie
  • Saul Roberts (The Avenue)
  • Terry Layton (Crown Law)
  • Marty McFarlane (Crown Law)
  • Robbie March (Family Ties)
  • Jonathan Haworth (The Forests)
  • Phillipa Hardy (High Peak)
  • Saskia Naismith (Redgate)
  • Phil Davies (Saints High)
  • Hazel West (Seymore Valley)
  • Andy Good (St George's)
  • Anita Johnson (These Days)
  • Ben Warren (These Days)
  • Raymond Evans (Uncertain Nights)
  • Percy Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)
Best Couple
  • Luca Rossi & Sonia Wilkins (The Avenue)
  • Sandy Ward & Les Britain (Family Ties)
  • Josh & Tessa Rowland (High Peak)
  • Sam & Debbie Sheldon (High Peak)
  • Joseph & Anita Clarke (Redgate)
  • Oliver & Helen Jeffries (Seymore Valley)
  • Rhys Jeffries & Rebecca Rhodes (Seymore Valley)
  • Gareth Harte & Lauren Stanley (Seymore Valley)
  • Jonathan & Delia Hyde (St George's)
  • Glen & Lisa (These Days)
  • Steven & Ricki (These Days)
  • Gordon & Patrick Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Percy & Natalie Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)
Best Friendship
  • Georgia & Shaniqua Seaby (The Avenue)
  • Hewitt & Layton (Crown Law)
  • Thomas & Wingfield (Crown Law)
  • Dylan Ward & Tamara Street (Family Ties)
  • Lisa & Sam (The Forests)
  • Kate & Catherine (High Peak)
  • Luke & Jaimee (High Peak)
  • Jade Wilson & Autumn-Rose Edney (Redgate)
  • Francesca & Paul (Saints High)
  • Simon & Esther (Seymore Valley)
  • Lauren & Poppy (Seymore Valley)
  • Ryan Hyde & Sharon Richmond (St George's)
  • Rachel Hornby & Kelly McIntyre (These Days)
  • Rosy Lyons & Steph Donnelly (These Days)
  • Kimberly Johnson & Natalie Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)
  • Percy Renshaw & Titus Evans (Uncertain Nights)
  • Lisa & Sam (The Forests)
  • Luke & Jamiee (High Peak)
Best New Project
  • Crown Law (AllThingsUK)
  • Family Ties (AppleCobbler & Ross)
  • High Peak (MGambitt & Noxy)
  • Redgate (Ross)
  • Saints High (AllThingsUK)
  • Seymore Valley (Jaay)
Best Solo Project
  • Crown Law (AllThingsUK)
  • The Forests (AllThingsUK)
  • Redgate (Ross)
  • Saints High (AllThingsUK)
  • Seymore Valley (Jaay)
  • St George's (Ross)
  • These Days (Noxy)
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler)
  • The Forests (AllThingsUK)
  • These Days (Noxy)
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler)
Best Collaborative Project
  • The Avenue (AppleCobbler & Ross)
  • Family Ties (AppleCobbler & Ross)
  • High Peak (MGambitt & Noxy)
Best Fan/Fic Project
  • AppleCobbler's Coronation Street
  • Jess' Coronation Street
  • Lem's Coronation Street
  • Jess' EastEnders
  • AbbleCobbler's Emmerdale
  • Ross' Emmerdale
  • Lem's Waterloo Road


Award Winner(s)
Best Male Character Glen Wright (These Days)
Best Female Character Helen Allinson (Crown Law) and Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
Best Storyline Raymond's Evil Scheming (Uncertain Nights)
Best Episode No Way Back (Crown Law) and Episode 20: Exit Strategy (High Peak)
Best Exit Raymond Evans (Uncertain Nights)
Best Scene Molly's Exit (High Peak)
Best Shock Layton destroys an incriminating tape (Crown Law) and Ben causes Rosemary's Heart Attack (These Days)
Best Newcomer Ben Warren (These Days)
Best Baddie Terry Layton (Crown Law)
Best Couple Gordon & Patrick Clark (Uncertain Nights)
Best Friendship Lisa & Sam (The Forests) and Luke & Jamiee (High Peak)
Best New Project High Peak (MGambitt & Noxy)
Best Solo Project These Days (Noxy)
Best Collaborative Project High Peak (MGambitt & Noxy)
Best Fan/Fic Project Lem's Coronation Street

The Full Story & StatsEdit

New project High Peak picked up 5 awards during it's first ever WriXA ceremony, while These Days once again impressed with 4 gongs. Drama series Crown Law also picked up an impressive 4 awards, while Uncertain Nights collected 3 and both The Forests and Lem's Coronation Street achieved an award each.

Project Awards
High Peak (MGambitt & Noxy) 5
Crown Law (AllThingsUK) 4
These Days (Noxy) 4
Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler) 3
The Forests (AllThingsUK) 1
Lem's Coronation Street (Lem) 1

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