St. Luke's is a school-based drama series written and produced by Josh Clark. It was originally launched in eafrly 2013, with Caller acting as Series Consultant. The show was placed indefinitely on hold until it relaunched in July 2013, with Josh Clark as the sole producer. A series consultant has yet to be appointed.


Series One was relaunched in July 2013 and will run until September. Series Two is in the planning stages.

Each series will be split into two parts and total 20 episodes. 

Character Role Actor Duration Years
Kevin Anderson Headmaster Paul McGann 1x01- 2013-
Natalie Willis

Deputy Head

Maths Teacher

Tina Hobley 1x01- 2013-
Dan Bale

Deputy Head

English Teacher

Drama Teacher

Joseph Millson 1x01- 2013-
Robbie Wilson PE Teacher

Danny Miller

Head of Pastoral Care

1x01- 2013-
Rebecca Boyd Science Teacher Lauren Drummond 1x01- 2013-
Miriam Wilde Head of Art and Design Barbara Windsor 1x01- 2013-
Samantha Bale Head of MFL Jessie Wallace 1x01- 2013-
Matt Davidson Head of English Tom Ellis 1x01- 2013-
Adam Franklin Head of Music Michael Xavier 1x01-

Cast ChangesEdit

Departing Characters

Character Role Actor Duration Years
Miriam Wilde Head of Art and Design Barbara Windsor 1x01-1x?? 2013
TBA TBA TBA 1x01-1x10 2013

Joining Characters

Character Role Actor Duration Years
Carrie Wringley OFSTED Inspector Glynis Barber ?x??- ??-??
Bradley Thompson

Drama Teacher

Music Teacher

Craig Mather 1x??- 2013-
David Miller TBA John Simm 1x??- 2013-

Season (s)Edit

The first half of series one began airing on April 2, 2013, and is due to fininsh in June. The second half of series one is due to begin airing in late 2013 and conclude in early 2014.

Series Episodes Debut Conclusion
1 20 July 2013  2013
2 20 Late 2013


Episode ListEdit

Here is each episode of St. Luke's.

Episode Title Written By Synopsis
1 1x01 joshclark

New Deputy Head Natalie joins the school, Miriam discovers she may be suffering from cancer and Robbie is freaked out by a possible stalker



joshclark Kevin's leadership is questionsted, while Natalie and Adam grow closer. Robbie is alarmed by his stalker
3 1x03 joshclark Samantha appears to be missing, Matt faces a tough choices and Dan is the victim of a vicious attack

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