Sandersbrook is a soap opera by Josh Clark, set in the fictional village of Sandersbrook in Hampshire. The series premiered in April 2013.


Character Actor Episodes Years
Andrew "Andy" Hall Guy Henry 1- 2013-
Daniella Hall Tessa Peake-Jones 2- 2013-
Jess Hall Diana Vickers 1- 2013-
Jake Hall Richard Wisker 1- 2013-
Nikki Wilson-Hall Laurie Brett 1- 2013-
Ian Wilson David Morrissey 1- 2013-
Pete Allam James Masters 2- 2013-
Roy Chambers Bernard Cribbins 1- 2013-
Pauline Chambers Anne Reid 1- 2013-
Shannon Chambers Daniela Debby-Ashe 1- 2013-
Oliver Edwards Andrew Hayden-Smith 1- 2013-
Rachel Bale Nicola Wheeler 1- 2013-
William Bale Daniel Mays 1- 2013-
Rebecca Bale Lorna Fitzgerald 1- 2013-
Robert Diwani Nitin Ganatra 1- 2013-

Cast ChangesEdit

Arriving Characters

Character Actor Episodes Years
Lloyd Chambers William Ash 14- 2013-
James Wilson Sylvester McCoy TBA 2013-
Lydia Wilson Penelope Wilton TBA 2013-
Amy Edwards Gina Beck TBA 2013-
Tom Edwards Arthur Darvill TBA 2013-


Season Debut Finale Years
1 13 April 2013 July 2013 2013

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