Psyche, by Noxy Production
Psyche title card
s, is a ten-part, psychological drama series set in New York City, starting on a date to be confirmed on WX. It will run once a month, however exact dates will only be announced shortly before transmission of each episode.

Little more than that is known about the project at this stage, except for a few other details. The show will be set in New York City, and a promotional poster has been released with the strapline: 'It's not who you know, it's what you know'. Psyche will be the first ever drama project from Noxy Productions, who have promised the show will be 'gritty' and 'challenging.'

The final cast has yet to be announced, but a couple of familiar faces have appeared on the project's promo. The show will star Brandon Tyler Russell (Spike Cooper from These Days, another Noxy Productions vehicle) and Elle Fanning. Alongside them will be Kevin Bacon, Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington (Kim Fletcher from Uncertain Nights). More casting details will be announced in due course.

On 7th March 2014, Noxy announced that due to several other creative commitments, 'Psyche' had been put on hold. However he also stated his desire to launch the project 'at some point' in 2014.


Coming soon



Episode RecapsEdit

A synopsis of the main developments in each episode will be coming soon. To read these, please click on any of the links listed below (note: none of these apply at the moment):

Main CastEdit

Character Actor Duration(by year) Duration (by episodes)
Trey Carlson Brandon Tyler Russell 2014 1.1 -
Madison Harper Elle Fanning 2014 1.1 -
Jasmine Harper Kate Hudson 2014 1.1 -
Mitch Carlson Kevin Bacon 2014 1.1 -
Aaliyah Hayes Kerry Washington 2014 1.1 -
Tia Hayes Madison Pettis 2014 1.1 -

Recurring CastEdit

Character Actor Duration (by year) Duration (by episodes)

Former CastEdit

Character Actor Duration (by year) Duration (by episodes)

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