The first season of the island based soap began on Writer's Express on January 7th 2013. Season One had twenty six cast regulars, many of which are still part of the main cast.  

Season One consisted of twenty episodes, there were no major cast changes throughout the season.

Season One Cast ChangesEdit

Recurring/Guest Cast:

Character Actor Episode
Lee Warburton 1x04 - 1x05
Billy Murray 1x04 - 1x05
Claire King 1x12 -

Joining Cast:


Exiting Cast:


1x01 'You said we were done'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number

Cole Donovan was released from prison, but not everybody was pleased to see him. Megan Hastings refused to reunite with her former boyfriend Noah Donovan, while Michael Connor was left frustrated by son Josh's reluctance to get a job.

7/1/13 Hannah 1
  • Cole Donovan was released after fifteen years in prison. He was met with a mixed response from his children Noah and Ava. Cole was unnerved when he received the first text message from the Donovan stalker.
  • New garage owner David Fields tried to make an impression on barmaid Chloe Charles.
  • Noah Donovan struggled to win over his ex girlfriend Megan Hastings.
  • Michael disapproves of Josh's writing and berates him for not getting a job.

First Appearances of: Chloe Charles (Linzey Cocker), Lindsay Hastings (Kim Medcalf), Daniel Hastings (Luke Roberts), Naomi Donovan (Claire Goose), Olivia Kane (MyAnna Buring), Alexandra Fletcher (Siobhan Spencer), Anthony Spencer (Jamie Borthwick), Emily Spencer (Harley Graham), Cole Donovan (TJ Ramini), Josh Connor (Neil McDermott), David Fields (Allen Leech), Ava Donovan (Madeline Duggan), Noah Donovan (David Witts), Michael Connor (Jake Wood) and Megan Hastings (Danielle Harold).

Episode Title: 'You said we were done' - Megan Hastings

Classic Quotes: 

"I don't want the first thing peope see when they walk through the door is you lounging all over the bar looking like you want the world to end" Lindsay Hastings to Chloe Charles

"Don't you have shoplifters to catch?" Josh Connor to Michael Connor

1x02 'We might as well give them a show'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
13/1/13 Hannah 2
  • The community all had opinions about Cole Donovan's release from prison. 
  • Patrick Hale tried to hide his doubts from his fiancee Kayla Macey about their foster meeting.
  • Steven Faraday was unnerved by student Ava Donovan's attempt to spend time with him, however he was soon distracted by an encounter with his mistress Michelle Fox.
  • Vicki Connor continued her taunts of Anthony Spencer.
  • Naomi and Cole Donovan put on a smile and faced the community, despite another message from the Donovan stalker. 

First Appearances of: Heather Connor (Orla Brady), Katherine Lavery (Gillian Taylforth), Kayla Macey (Diane Parish), Patrick Hale (Chucky Venn), Vicki Connor (Kaya Scodelario), Mia Faraday (Eden Taylor-Draper), Sophia Faraday (Nadine Lewington), Steven Faraday (William Ash), Michelle Fox (Karen Hassan) and Matthew Fitzgerald (Tom Lister).

Episode Title: 'We might as well give them a show' Cole Donovan

Classic Quotes: 

"It's not true what they say about small packages" Vicki Connor

1x03 'This is what you call a wine hangover'Edit

Episode  Date Writer Episode Number
19/1/13 Hannah 3
  • Steven Faraday struggled with his guilt over his affair. 
  • A hungover Olivia Kane found herself charmed by newcomer Matthew Fitzgerald.
  • Megan Hastings took a pregnancy test.
  • Heather and Michael Connor worry about son Josh's unemployment. 
  • Josh Connor gave into Chloe Charles' charms.

First Appearance of: Jake Connor (Felix Dean)

Episode Title: 'This is what you call a wine hangover' Olivia Kane

Classic Quotes: 

"You're obviously the damsel in distress I'm meant to save" Matthew Fitzgerald to Olivia Kane 

"I won't see my son on the streets, every day I have to deal with defending drug addicts and criminals who were deserted by their parents. I won't do that to my son" Heather Connor 

"We don't all need constant attention Michelle, some of us are comfortable with our own company" Olivia Kane

"A perfect stranger who can read me like a book" Olivia Kane to David Fields 

1x04 'A lady doesn't kiss and tell'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
27/1/13 Hannah 4
  • Adam Thompson blackmailed Noah Donovan into beating up Daniel Hastings and later taking the Crown and Horseshoe hostage.
  • Megan Hastings struggled to comprehend her pregnancy discovery.
  • Chloe Charles tried to get the gossip from Olivia Kane as she prepared for another date with Matthew Fitzgerald.
  • Steven Faraday and Michelle Fox were caught out by student Ava Donovan.

Guest Appearances: Adam Thompson (Lee Warburton) and Tommy Thompson (Billy Murray)

Episode Title: 'A lady doesn't kiss and tell' Olivia Kane

Classic Quotes:

"A lady doesn't kiss and tell" Olivia Kane "What's your excuse then?" Chloe Charles 

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" Chloe Charles "That would be a very short list then" Olivia Kane

1x05 'We couldn't let the knight in shining armour die before a kiss from the damsel in distress'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
3/2/13 Hannah 5
  • Tommy Thompson, Adam Thompson and Noah Donovan held the Crown and Horseshoe hostage.
  • The hostages included Lindsay and Megan Hastings, Ava Donovan, Steven Faraday, Siobhan Spencer, Josh Connor, Olivia Kane and Matthew Fitzgerald. 
  • Megan Hastings blurted out her pregnancy in terror. 
  • Lindsay Hastings and Ava Donovan were both shot.
  • Thinking she was dying, Ava Donovan confessed her feelings to Steven Faraday

Guest Appearances: Adam Thompson (Lee Warburton) and Tommy Thompson (Billy Murray)

Episode Title: 'We couldn't let the knight in shining armour die before a kiss from the damsel in distress' Matthew Fitzgerald to Olivia Kane

Classic Quotes:

"I won't let you die on me Ava, I've worked too hard to get your grades up" Steven Faraday 

1x06 'This isn't a choice' Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
10/2/13 Hannah 6
  • Noah Donovan struggled with his guilt after his role in the siege.
  • Daniel Hastings gave his consent for wife Lindsay to have a hysterectomy after being shot during the siege.
  • Siobhan Spencer struggled with post traumatic stress after the siege.
  • Megan Hastings admitted her pregnancy to her father Daniel.

WriXA Nomination: Best Soap Scene (Daniel's decision to save Lindsay's life) and Best Soap Episode Episode Title: 'This isn't a choice' Duncan Faraday to Daniel Hastings

Classic Quotes:

"You're married to me, I wouldn't let you go without a fight" Sophia Faraday

1x07 'I don't like hot milk, but I'll eat the cookies'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
17/2/13 Jaay 7
  • Siobhan Spencer takes her frustration out on daughter Emily.
  • Daniel Hastings tells wife Lindsay the devastating news that she can never have another child.
  • Josh Connor is frustrated by Chloe Charles' attentions.

Episode Title: 'I don't like hot milk, but I'll eat the cookies' Emily Spencer

1x08 'You know what they say about women and the Irish accent'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
24/2/13 Hannah 8
  • Katherine Lavery asked Josh Connor for help with daughter Siobhan Spencer's struggle after the siege.
  • Vicki Connor taunted Mia Faraday about her friendship with Anthony Spencer.
  • Olivia Kane warned best friend Chloe Charles to be wary of Josh Connor.
  • Steven Faraday tried to put an end to student Ava Donovan's crush but was shocked to find she knew about his affair with Michelle Fox.
  • Lindsay Hastings pulled away from husband Daniel, blaming him for the loss of of ability to conceive.

Episode Title: 'You know what they say about women and the Irish accent' David Fields

Classic Quotes:

"I actually hate you Olivia Kane, the amount of chocolate you eat, you shouldn't even fit through the front door" Chloe Charles 

"You're not thinking of your wife when you're screwing Miss Fox" Ava Donovan

1x09 'It's Tuesday, PE day, he always gets sick around Tuesdays'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
3/3/13 Jaay 9
  • The Donovans question Noah's disappearance.
  • Lindsay Hastings returns home from the hospital and makes plans for Megan's pregnancy.
  • Josh Connor visits Siobhan Spencer, after he leaves, she suffers from a panic attack.

Episode Title: 'It's Tuesday, PE day. He always gets sick around Tuesdays' Heather Connor

1x10 'One step ahead of you as always'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
10/3/13 Hannah 10
  • Michael Connor vows to catch the armed robbers that took the Crown and Horseshoe hostage.
  • Megan Hastings struggles to deal with Noah Donovan's disappearance. She later admits to father Daniel that she wants an abortion.
  • David Fields notices Patrick Hale's apprehension about fostering.
  • Naomi Donovan is shocked to find sister Olivia Kane's new boyfriend Matthew Fitzgerald is actually her ex.
  • Anthony Spencer and Mia Faraday had an awkward first date.
  • Siobhan Spencer breaks down in Josh Connor's arms.
  • Naomi Donovan discovers her living room covered in newspaper articles about husband Cole's imprisonment.

Episode Title: 'One step ahead of you as always' Matthew Fitzgerald

Classic Quotes:

"It's good to know I still have this effect on you Naomi" Matthew Fitzgerald

1x11 'I would really appreciate a good old fashioned cat fight, preferably with some mud'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
17/3/13 Hannah 11
  • Siobhan Spencer lashed out at her mother Katherine Lavery and Josh Connor as they discussed how to help her with her PTSD.
  • David Fields revealed to Olivia Kane that he had his eye on Michelle Fox.
  • Cole Donovan vowed to find out who was stalking the Donovan family.
  • Steven Faraday confronted Ava Donovan about her knowledge of his affair with Michelle Fox, however when she kissed him, they were seen by her father Cole.
  • Megan Hastings blurted out to her mother Lindsay her desire for an abortion.

Episode Title: 'I would really appreciate a good old fashioned catfight, preferably with some mud' David Fields

Classic Quotes:

"When you're all finished discussing my personal life, I would really appreciate it if you all went back to your lives" Siobhan Spencer

1x12 'Don't you usually ride a boat over to Marks and Spencer's for your beans?'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
24/3/13 Hannah 12
  • Katherine Lavery was touched by boss Duncan Faraday's support regarding her daughter Siobhan's PTSD. 
  • Cole Donovan made an official complaint against teacher Steven Faraday.
  • David Fields made an impression on Michelle Fox, but was disappointed when she admitted she was seeing someone. 
  • Anthony Spencer and Mia Faraday attempted to lose their virginities, but it didn't go to plan, bitchy Vicki Connor soon took advantage of the situation.
  • Josh Connor supported Siobhan Spencer as she sought help for her PTSD, later they shared a kiss. 
  • Megan Hastings confided in Heather Connor about her pregnancy.

First Appearance of: Recurring character Charlotte Pope (Claire King)

Episode Title: 'Don't you usually ride a boat over to Marks and Spencer's for your beans?' Katherine Lavery to Duncan Faraday

Classic Quotes:

"I definitely would have stayed in school more often if we had teachers that looked like you" David Fields to Michelle Fox

"My mother taught me to always take a risk when I see something I like, otherwise I'll just live a life full of regrets" David Fields

1x13 'I think I would have preferred a visit from the Easter bunny'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1/4/13 Hannah 13
  • Chloe Charles was hurt when Josh Connor dumped her.
  • Vicki Connor cruelly humiliated Anthony Spencer and Mia Faraday using their failed first time.
  • Matthew Fitzgerald and Olivia Kane declared their love for each other. 
  • Sophia Faraday promised to support husband Steven during the investigation.
  • Lindsay Hastings came through for her daughter Megan as she went through with her abortion.


Episode Title: 'I think I would have preferred a visit from the Easter bunny' Olivia Kane

Classic Quotes:

"Don't worry babe, I'd still love you if you were fat" Matthew Fitzgerald

1x14 'You're a walking cliche'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
8/4/13 Hannah 14
  • Vicki Connor faced the consequences of her behaviour, while Anthony Spencer decided to leave school for good. 
  • Olivia Kane tried to cheer up best friend Chloe Charles after she was dumped by Josh Connor.
  • Ava Donovan was finally honest about her encounter with Steven Faraday.
  • The cracks began to show between Daniel and Lindsay Hastings.
  • Siobhan Spencer and Josh Connor went public with their relationship.

WriXA Nomination: Best Soap Episode Episode Title: 'You're a walking cliche' Olivia Kane

Classic Quotes:

"Josh Connor is not worth the extra inches to your waist" Olivia Kane

1x15 'He's living out the cougar fantasy'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
14/4/13 Hannah 15
  • Heather Connor lashed out at Siobhan Spencer over her relationship with Heather's son Josh.
  • The Faradays and the Donovans buried the hatchet.
  • David Fields and Michelle Fox became closer as her affair with Steven Faraday officially came to an end.
  • David Fields offered Anthony Spencer an apprenticeship at the garage.
  • Cole Donovan's past was exposed at the pub's reopening, while Noah Donovan finally returned to his family.

Episode Title: 'He's living out the cougar fantasy' 

Classic Quotes:

"Somehow I can't quite see anyone taking advantage of our son" Michael Connor

"He'll get bored of Saint Siobhan eventually, once he realises how saggy her boobs are and how close she is to the menopause" Olivia Kane to Chloe Charles

1x16 'You look way too good to be going out with me'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
21/4/13 Hannah 16
  • The Hastings' marriage continues to fall apart as Lindsay admits that she no longer loves Daniel.
  • David Fields stood up for Anthony Spencer as Vicki Connor continued her taunts, but David didn't realise that Anthony was developing a crush on him.
  • Olivia Kane defended her brother in law Cole to the community.
  • A flashback revealed the truth about the Donovans - Naomi killed her abusive father Samuel and Cole took the blame.

WriXA Nomination: Best Soap Scene (The truth about the Donovans revealed) Episode Title: 'You look way too good to be going out with me' David Fields

Classic Quotes:

"Why don't you take your childish comments and head back to school like a good girl" David Fields

1x17 'You work to live, not the other way round'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
3/6/13 Hannah 17
  • Lindsay Hastings walked away from her marriage to Daniel.
  • Anthony Spencer struggled with his jealousy of David Fields' blossoming romance with Michelle Fox. Michelle questioned Anthony's sexuality to David.
  • Noah Donovan was hurt when former girlfriend Megan Hastings revealed the truth about her abotion.
  • Naomi Donovan revealed the truth about her abuse to the community. However, the stalker nightmare proved not to be over as Naomi received a photograph of her and Matthew.

Episode Title: 'You work to live, not the other way round' Michelle Fox

Classic Quotes:

"Cole didn't kill in cold blood, he was protecting me. So don't you dare judge him, not when he has done the bravest thing possible for me" Naomi Donovan

1x18 'It doesn't kill as many calories as you think'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
10/6/13 Hannah 18
  • Michelle discovered she was pregnant and quickly realised that Steven Faraday was the father.
  • Noah Donovan began to confide his in father Cole, but soon pushed him away.
  • Naomi Donovan accused Matthew Fitzgerald of stalking her family.
  • Olivia Kane suggested that she and Matthew Fitzgerald should move in together.


Episode Title: 'It doesn't kill as many calories as you think" Chloe Charles

Classic Quotes:

"I'm bent over the toilet throwing up last night's chicken korma, do I look ok?" Michelle Fox

1x19 'Please tell me you didn't find him where I think you did'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
16/6/13 Hannah 19
  • Noah Donovan and Megan Hastings declared their love for each other and reunited.
  • Michelle Fox confronted Anthony Spencer about his feelings for her boyfriend David Fields.
  • Daniel and Lindsay Hastings were angry to find Noah and Megan were back together.
  • Anthony Spencer went to a gay bar for the first time, but felt under pressure leading him to beat up his love interest.
  • David Fields revealed to Michelle Fox that he wanted to bring up her baby as his own.

Episode Title: 'Please tell me you didn't find him where I think you did'

Classic Quotes:

"I'm sure I'll be able to win him round eventually with my irresistable charms" Josh Connor

1x20 'This isn't going to be awkward at all'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
16/6/13 Hannah 20
  • Michelle Fox and David Fields went public with their relationship at Sophia Faraday's surprise party.
  • Michael Connor revealed the arrest of the Thompsons leading Noah Donovan to panic. Noah convinced girlfriend Megan Hastings to leave the island with him.
  • Steven Faraday re-proposed to wife Sophia in front of everyone.
  • Devastated by his confusion, Anthony Spencer decided to take his own life.

WriXA Nomination: Best Soap Scene (Finale Montage) and Best Soap Episode Episode Title: 'This isn't going to be awkward at all' Michelle Fox

Classic Quotes: 

"We're ready to show the world how crazy we are about each other" Michelle Fox

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