High Hopes is a soap opera created by Hannah in January 2013, Hannah was joined by Jaay who formed part of the production team briefly in early 2013, but later rejoined the series in August 2013 in time for Season Two.

High Hopes Edit


Season Three header

High Hopes is a vibrant serial focusing on an Island community in the South of England. Season One began on January 7th 2013 and ended on June 16th 2013. Season Two began on Writer's Express on July 26th 2013 and concluded on 14th February 2014.

It was announced on October 21st 2013 that High Hopes would follow in the footsteps of fellow Writer's Express projects These Days, Uncertain Nights and The Avenue with a special scripted episode. The episode will focus on the relationships between Naomi and Cole Donovan and Olivia Kane and Matthew Fitzgerald as the Donovan's stalker causing chaos by exposing Naomi and Matthew's past.

High Hopes celebrated it's first anniverary with a bumper double on the first weekend of 2014 featuring the wedding of Olivia and Matthew. Season Two of High Hopes concluded with a shocking season finale on Friday 14th February 2014. It was announced on February 24th 2014, that High Hopes would be getting it's first ever spin off. High Hopes | A Step Back in Time will focus on the story of Matthew Fitzgerald and why he tormented ex Naomi Donovan to the point of madness. The spin off kicked off on Friday 21st March 2014 and concluded on Monday 24th March 2014. High Hopes' third season kicked off with a five night special tagged 'Trial Week' on Monday 21st April 2014.

As of Saturday 12th July 2014, there have been 74 episodes of High Hopes posted on Writers Express.

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High Hopes was created at the beginning of 2013, drama writer Hannah was looking for a new challenge and the creation in the soap genre seemed like the perfect solution.

The show is set on a small island off the south coast of England near Portsmouth "My Nan lives about 11 miles from Portsmouth so I pretty much grew up on the south coast, this influenced my decision to base the ficticious island there. The title card is special because it is a photograph taken by myself on the beach at my Nan's" explains Hannah.


Canvey Crescent Who Lives Here:
No 14 (House)

The Spencers:

Siobhan Spencer lives here with step son Anthony and daughter Emily. Siobhan's mother Katherine Lavery moved in after Siobhan lost her husband Robert.

No 20 (House)

The Donovans:

Cole Donovan lives here with his daughter Ava. His wife Naomi is currently living in a secure mental health unit.

No 32A (Flat) Chloe Charles used to live here with her best friend Olivia Fitzgerald, she now lives with new flate mate Nicki Grant.
No 32B (Flat) David Fields lives here with his mother Eileen and step-son Alfie Fields.
No 34 (House)

The Faradays:

Duncan Faraday lives here with his daughter Lindsay, daughter in law Sophia and granddaughter Mia. Lindsay moved in after her marriage break up with Daniel Hastings, while son Steven moved out after his affair was exposed to wife Sophia.

No 36 (House)

The Connors:

Michael and Heather Connor live here with their two sons Josh and Jake. Daughter Vicki moved out in wake of her paternity reveal.

No 42 (House)

The Campbells:

Chrissie Campbell lives here with her wife Jay Willis.

Collison Avenue Who Lives Here:
No 145 (Flat) Imogen Sandford lives here after renting the flat from Michelle Fox. After Michelle's death, Imogen is now renting from Michelle's fiance David Fields.
No 169 (House)

The Macey House:

Kayla Macey lives here with her foster children Kyle and Molly Campbell. She shared her home with her fiance Patrick Hale until his untimely death at Christmas.

Palmers Street Who Lives Here:
No 2 (Flat) Matthew Fitzgerald lives here.
No 4 (Flat) Steven Faraday lives here after the break up of his marriage to Sophia.
No 10 (Flat) Harry Campbell lives here and has temporarily allowed his brother Luke and girlfriend Vicki Connor to stay.
Canvey Lanes (The High Street)

Owned by:

Daniel Hastings and Lindsay Faraday


Chloe Charles (Barmaid)

Tate Yorke (Barman)

Home of:

Daniel Hastings, Megan and Noah Donovan


Owned by:

Olivia Fitzgerald (Beautician)


Natalie Hunt (Nail Technician)


Owned by:

Cole Donovan and Sophia Faraday


Megan Donovan (Barmaid)


Owned by:

Duncan Faraday


Sophia Faraday (Part Time Manager)

Siobhan Spencer (Assistant Manager)


Owned by:

David Fields


Anthony Spencer (Mechanic Apprentice)

Last Min Sm2

Owned by:

Duncan Faraday


Katherine Lavery (Manager)

Noah Donovan (Shop Assistant)

Canvey Comprehensive


Steven Faraday (Science)

Naomi Donovan (English)


Ava Donovan (Year 13 - Upper Sixth)

Mia Faraday (Year 11)

Vicki Connor (Year 11)

Kyle Campbell (Year 11)

Molly Campbell (Year 11)

Emily Spencer (Year 8)

Jake Connor (Year 8)

Connor & Fitzgerald Solicitors


Heather Connor and Matthew Fitzgerald


Season OneEdit


Season One & Two Header

Season One of the island based soap began on Writer's Express on January 7th 2013 and concluded on June 16th 2013. Season One had twenty six cast regulars, many of which are still part of the main cast.  

Season One consisted of twenty episodes, there were no major cast changes throughout the season.

Season TwoEdit

Season Two of the island based soap began on Writer's Express on July 26th 2013. Season Two began with twenty six regular characters and ended with thirty four.


High Hopes | A Step Back In TimeEdit

Special spin off A Step Back In Time is began on Friday 21st March 2014 and concluded on Monday 24th March 2014. The spin off featured four special episodes. The first episode featured a series of flashbacks which told the story of how Matthew Fitzgerald and Naomi Donovan met while the second episode saw Matthew confronted by the two women in his life. This episode was the second ever scripted episode of High Hopes. The final double episode featured a series of flashbacks of Matthew's dirty deeds on Canvey Island.


Season Three header

Season ThreeEdit

The third season of High Hopes officially began on 21st April 2014 and kicked off with a five night special surrounding the armed robbery trial of Noah Donovan.

High Hopes CastEdit

Present Cast:

Character Actor Duration Episodes
Luke Roberts 2013 - 1x01 -
Kim Medcalf 2013 - 1x01 -
Danielle Harold 2013 - 1x01 -
Simon Rouse 2013 - 1x03 -
William Ash 2013 - 1x02 -
Nadine Lewington 2013 - 1x02 -
Eden Taylor-Draper 2013 - 1x02 -
TJ Ramini 2013 - 1x01 -
Claire Goose 2013 - 1x01 -
David Witts 2013 - 1x01 -
Madeline Duggan 2013 - 1x01 -
Tom Lister 2013 - 1x02 -
Jake Wood 2013 - 1x01 -
Orla Brady 2013 - 1x02 -
Neil McDermott 2013 - 1x01 -
Felix Dean 2013 - 1x03 -
Alexandra Fletcher 2013 - 1x01 -
Jamie Borthwick 2013 - 1x01 -
Harley Graham 2013 - 1x01 -
Gillian Taylforth 2013 - 1x02 -
Christine Stephen-Daly 2013 - 2x03 -
Diane Parish 2013 - 1x02 -
Liz May Brice 2013 - 2x20 -
Ayden Callaghan 2013 - 2x06 -
Carl Au 2013 - 2x01 -
Katie Griffiths 2013 - 2x01 -
Susan McCann 2013 - 2x10 -
Allen Leech 2013 - 1x01 -
Uncredited 2014 - 2x31 -
Linzey Cocker 2013 - 1x01 -
Ben Hardy 2013 - 2x15 -
Hannah Tointon 2014 - 2x28, 3x12 -
Naomi Ryan 2014 - 2x33 -

Recurring Cast:

Character Actor Duration Episodes
Claire King 2013 - 1x12 -
Patsy Kensit 2013 - 2x18 -
Sarah Hadland 2013 -  2x20 -
Danny-Boy Hatchard 2014 - 3x03 -
Karen David 2014 - 3x12 -
Alfie Browne-Sykes 2014 -  3x12 -

Past Cast:

Character Actor Duration Episodes
Chucky Venn 2013 1x02 - 2x22, 2x38
Karen Hassan 2013 - 2014 1x02 - 2x34, 2x38, 3x07
MyAnna Buring 2013 - 2014 1x01 - 3x12
Kaya Scodelario 2013 - 2014 1x02 - 3x16
Rupert Hill 2014 2x30 - 3x16

Guest Cast:

Character Actor Duration Episodes
Lee Warburton 2013 1x04-1x05, 2x37, 3x02
Billy Murray 2013 1x04-1x05, 2x37-2x38, 3x02
Bronaugh Waugh 2013 2x21
Todd Carty 2014 2x28
Rudolph Walker 2014 2x29
Angela Wynter 2014 2x29
Micah Balfour 2014 2x29
Nina Wadia 2014 2x30 -
Joanna Lumley 2014 2x35
Addy Miller 2014 2x35
Grace Fitzgerald 2014 2x35 - 2x36
Kim Thomson 2014 3x01 - 3x04
Fletcher O'Leary 2014 3x07
Kaye Wragg 2014 3x11
Michele Dotrice 2014 3x11

Cast Changes:

Character Actor Arrival/Return Departure
Kaya Scodelario Return: 2015
Rupert Hill Return: 2015

The High Hopes Character Appearance CountEdit

As of: Saturday 12th July 2014 | Number of Episodes to Date: 74

Episodes Character
57 Episodes Lindsay Faraday
56 Episodes
55 Episodes Daniel Hastings
54 Episodes Olivia Fitzgerald (Past)
53 Episodes Naomi Donovan
52 Episodes Chloe Charles
51 Episodes Cole Donovan
50 Episodes Siobhan Spencer, Ava Donovan
49 Episodes Megan Donovan
48 Episodes Anthony Spencer
47 Episodes Steven Faraday, David Fields
46 Episodes Matthew Fitzgerald
45 Episodes Duncan Faraday
44 Episodes Josh Connor
43 Episodes Sophia Faraday
42 Episodes
41 Episodes
40 Episodes Noah Donovan, Heather Connor, Katherine Lavery, Vicki Connor (Past)
39 Episodes Kayla Macey
38 Episodes Michelle Fox (Past), Mia Faraday
37 Episodes
36 Episodes Michael Connor
35 Episodes
34 Episodes
33 Episodes Imogen Sandford
32 Episodes
31 Episodes
30 Episodes Kyle Campbell, Harry Campbell
29 Episodes Eileen Fields, Molly Campbell
28 Episodes
27 Episodes
26 Episodes
25 Episodes
24 Episodes Tate Yorke
23 Episodes
22 Episodes
21 Episodes
20 Episodes  Emily Spencer
19 Episodes Patrick Hale (Past)
18 Episodes Chrissie Campbell
17 Episodes Jake Connor
16 Episodes
15 Episodes Jay Willis (Recurring)
14 Episodes Luke Campbell (Past)
13 Episodes
12 Episodes
11 Episodes
10 Episodes
9 Episodes
8 Episodes Alfie Fields (Uncredited), Natalie Hunt
7 Episodes
6 Episodes Nicki Grant
5 Episodes Tommy Thompson (Guest), Andrea Yorke (Recurring)
4 Episodes Charlotte Pope (Recurring), Adam Thompson (Guest), Carrie White (Guest), Drew Lomax (Recurring)
3 Episodes
2 Episodes Amina Chowdry (Guest), Grace Fitzgerald (Guest), Sophie Fitzgerald (Guest - Uncredited), Amy Fitzgerald (Guest - Uncredited), Sahira Jakra (Recurring), Alex Ellison (Recurring)
1 Episode Rachel Fields (Guest), Derek Williams (Guest), Gareth Hale (Guest), Paulina Hale (Guest), Nathan Hale (Guest), Jennifer Kane (Guest), Gabby Yates (Guest), Val Fitzgerald (Guest)
Yet to Appear


High Hopes is beginning to achieve recognition through the Writer's Express Awards. High Hopes has picked up an impressive 5 awards so far.

Spring WriXAs 2013

  • Best Soap Male (Josh Connor)
  • Best New Soap

Winter WriXAs 14

  • Best Christmas Episode (2x24 'You two have murdered enough Christmas classics as it is sweetheart')
  • Best Soap Plot (Patrick Hale's Death and Aftermath)
  • Best Soap Scene (Noah Donovan's role in the siege is revealed to wife Megan)

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