Fractured Fairytales is a brand new original drama from the creator of WRIXA Award Winning drama writer Hannah. It is the third drama series from Hannah and hopes to be as enjoyed as much as it's predecessors City Girls and Cross my Heart, Hope to Die.

Fractured Fairytales takes classic tales and turns them modern stories. 

The first episode was posted on Thursday 16th January 2014 and tackles the fairy tale Snow White. 

On January 27th 2014, Hannah announced her decision to axe the drama series after the one episode.

Snow WhiteEdit

The first fairytale to be tackled by Fractured Fairytales is the story of Snow White. 

Hotel Heiress Sarah White was left devastated by the death of her father Samuel and her life is about to take a turn for the worst as her gold digging manipulative step-mother Victoria plans to take control of Samuel's hotel chain. 


Episode Date
1x01 'Black as a Raven's Wing 16/01/14
1x02 'TBC'  TBC
1x03 'TBC' TBC


Character Actor Episodes
Gemma Arterton 1x01 -
Michelle Pfeiffer 1x01 -
David Prince
Ioan Gruffudd 1x01 -
Barry Sloane 1x01 -
Timothy Spall 1x01 -
Graham Cole 1x01 -
Gillian Kearney 1x01 -
David Thewlis 1x01 -

The Fractured Fairytales Character Appearance CountEdit

As of: Thursday 16th January 2014 | Number of Episodes to Date: 1

Episodes  Character
1 Episode Sarah White, Victoria White, David Prince, Patrick Hunter, Steven James, Graham Hardy, Bernadette Cowen, Derek Royale

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