Elinor "Ellie" Roberts is a fictional character from London based drama series City Girls created by Hannah. Ellie is represented by actress Kelly Monaco .

Kelly Monaco is well known for her roles as Livvie Locke (Port Charles) and Sam Morgan (General Hospital). Kelly was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress in 2003 for her role as Livvie and in 2006 for her role as Sam. Kelly took part and won the first season of US reality show Dancing with the Stars and also took part in reality show Dirty Soap.

You can follow actress Kelly Monaco on Twitter.

Elinor "Ellie" Roberts

Portrayed by Kelly Monaco
Duration: 4.11 - 4.14
Age: 32
Occupation: Businesswoman


Father - John Roberts (Deceased)

Mother - Natasha Roberts

Brothers - Dylan Roberts, Jake Garrison (Half-Brother)





Jennifer Love Hewitt was almost signed up to play Ellie.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was favourite to take on the role of Izzie Roberts' older sister Ellie, however after careful consideration producer Hannah decided that Jennifer didn't have the raw, cold edge that the character needed as well as a sense of vulnerability.

This lead Hannah to cast Kelly Monaco in the role.

Characterisation and Back StoryEdit

Ellie often comes across as cold and hard hearted, but she developed a thick skin as she watched her father battle cancer from a young age. Ellie learnt to rely only on herself and this has led her to live her life quite isolated, not even letting her own family get close.

Season FourEdit


The Roberts Family

It has been heavily hinted that Ellie and Izzie share quite a fractured sibling relationship and this was emphasised in Season Four as the girls lost their father John. Discovering the truth about Jake Garrison being John's son devastated Ellie and she refused to allow Jake into their family, making Izzie feel torn between her sister and half brother.

Season FiveEdit

Season Five is due to begin in June 2014, it is set four years after the Season Four Finale. Only Shelley Hennig (Izzie), Rachel Melvin (Holly) and Julie Marie Berman (Ashley) have been confirmed to return.

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