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Cross My Heart, Hope to Die was created in April 2013, it is a crime drama series which investigates a variety of murders. Cross My Heart, Hope to Die is created by Hannah, the creator and producer of popular ongoing drama series City Girls and rising soap High Hopes.

Series One began it's five episode run on April 13th 2013 and finished on June 15th 2013.

It was announced on August 27th 2013 that the series would return. Series Two began on September 1st 2013 and will run through September and October. Season Two wrapped up on Sunday 27th October 2013.

The InvestigationsEdit

Cross my Heart

Series One

Series One

Series One began with the body of teenager Chloe Richardson being found, quickly being confirmed that her death was murder rather than suicide as first believed. DI Chris Rickman and DS Lauren Saunders soon discovered that Chloe was having a secret relationship with Zack Keating and was pregnant when she died. Zack was discovered to have been seeing Chloe's best friend Zoe Kingston behind her back. Zack was soon considered a suspect when the police found out that Zack did know about Chloe's pregnancy despite pretending that he didn't. Zack was arrested for Chloe's murder, but Lauren was unconvinced. Chloe's brother Scott brought new evidence to the team and it was unveiled that Chloe's father had sexually abused her. Through a series of flashbacks, readers saw Chloe's father Martin had found out the truth about Chloe's relationship with Zack and in an emotional confrontation, he stabbed his daughter with a broken bottle.

Series Two
Cross my Heart2

Series Two

The body of Stuart Heaton was found dumped by the river, it was so revealed that the victim was not who people thought when his true identity Steven Draper was revealed. It was soon explained that the Heaton family were part of a witness protection scheme after Stuart's son Patrick testified against Simon Donnelly who visciously attacked and scarred Patrick's then girlfriend. However, the investigation took a surprising turn when Stuart's mistress Eva Kennedy came out of the woodwork. Simon's younger brother Jay was arrested when his fingerprints were found in Stuart's car. However, Lauren soon realised that Jay's relationship with Melanie Heaton ran deeper and it was revealed that Melanie shot her father trying to stop a fight between Stuart and Jay.


Episode Date
1x01 13/4/13
1x02 19/5/13
1x03 3/6/13
1x04 11/6/13
1x05 15/6/13
2x01 1/9/13
2x02 15/9/13
2x03 29/9/13
2x04 7/10/13
2x05 27/10/13


Main Cast

Character Actor Episodes
Max Beesley 1x01 -
Suranne Jones 1x01 -
Joanna Taylor 1x02 - 2x05
Tom Chambers 1x02 -
Jason Hughes 1x01 -

Series One Cast

Character Actor Episodes
Madeline Duggan 1x01 - 1x05
Rosie Rowell 1x01 - 1x05
Gary Webster 1x01 - 1x05
Luke Roberts 1x02
Lucien Laviscount 1x02 - 1x05
Holly Kenny 1x02 - 1x05
William Rush 1x04 - 1x05

Series Two Cast

Character Actor Episodes
Bruce Byron 2x01 - 2x05
Kacey Ainsworth 2x01 - 2x05
Ben Hardy 2x01 - 2x05
Shannon Flynn 2x01 - 2x05
Warren Brown 2x03
Adam Thomas 2x04 - 2x05
Jill Halfpenny 2x03 - 2x05

The Cross My Heart, Hope to Die Character Appearance CountEdit

As of: Sunday 27th October 2013 | Number of Episodes to Date: 10

Bold: Current Cast | Italics: Guest Cast

Episodes Character
10 Episodes Chris Rickman, Lauren Saunders
8 Episodes Kevin Taylor
7 Episodes Kim Myers
4 Episodes Samantha Richardson, Martin Richardson, Zack Keating, Zoe Kingston, Katy Heaton, Patrick Heaton
3 Episodes Chloe Richardson, Melanie Heaton, Eva Kennedy
2 Episodes Tony Naylor, Scott Richardson, Jay Donnelly
1 Episode James Monroe, Billy Pearce, Simon Donnelly


Summer WriXAs 2013
  • Best Drama Plot (The Chloe Richardson Murder Investigation)

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