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The second season began on Boxing Day 2012 and ended on May 1st 2013.

The season consisted of twenty episodes and included the introduction of new characters Nicole Newman, Jake Garrison and Tom Holden.

Season Two picked up a WriXA for Best New Year's Episode for 2.3: If Tomorrow Never Comes, the episode which saw the death of Izzie Roberts' rapist Mike Taylor. 

Season Two OverviewEdit

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Writer's Express City Girls Season Two Promo

Holly Newman couldn't believe it when she woke up next to her best friend Jack Foster. She was even more stunned when she realised that he didn't even remember their one night stand. Jack and his girlfriend Sammy Davis reunited, but when he remembered the truth about his one night stand, he was mortified.

Ashley Woods, with the help of Sean Carver's neighbour Drew Tyler, escaped Sean's clutches and she left him alive. Ashley decided to build a new life for herself, but when she went for a job interview at the nightclub Destiny, she found that it was owned by Drew. It soon comes apparant that there is something not quite right about Drew and his past with Sean.

Meanwhile, Izzie Roberts was tied up somewhere with Mike Taylor, who determined that if he couldn't have her, no one else would either. Holly and Max Warren team up together to find Izzie and when they talk to a former colleague of Mike's, Melissa Reeves, she reveals that she was also a victim of Mike. This leads them to a garage where they find the place that Mike has been keeping Izzie. In an intense car chase, Mike forces his car off the road and down a cliff. Izzie is devastated when Max holds her back and Mike perishes.
Izzie struggles to live with her guilt, she believes that she could have helped Mike and she resorts to her former comfort- vodka. Max soon became worried about Izzie's drinking and finally persuaded her to join AA, where she met the mysterious Jake Garrison. Izzie and Jake's friendship went from strength to strenth, leaving Max feeling somewhat jealous.

Holly's little sister Nicole came to live with the girls and she came with a secret all of her own. Nicole was suffering from bullimia which Jack eventually picked up on as they got closer.

Drew not only had a past with Sean, but he also had a connection to Sammy, which soon became obvious when Sammy attempted to seduce him, leading to a battle between Ashley and Sammy. In spite, Ashley ended revealing all about Jack and Holly's one night stand leading Sammy to take revenge. Holly's relationship with her university lecturer Tom Holden was exposed thanks to Sammy, leading to Tom to change into someone who couldn't control his temper. In the season finale, readers were left shouting 'No' when Tom proposed to Holly.

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A special flashback episode explored the past of our original bad girl Sammy

Sammy's own past was revealed in two special episodes which revealed how she was sexually abused by her own father after her mother's death. This led to a very unwanted pregnancy and an abortion. A twisted Sammy attempted to kill her father by drugging him and then stabbing him, but when it came down to it, she couldn't go through with it.
When Sammy slept with Drew, this gave Jack the push he needed to break up with Sammy and finally be with Nicole, but Sammy dropped a bombshell in the season finale- she was pregnant.

Izzie confronted Sean when she realised that he had got Ashley hooked on cocaine. In revenge Sean spiked Izzie's drink leading to her falling off the wagon. This lead to the destruction of her relationship with Max. Drew also mourned the end of his relationship with Ashley and in a shocking twist, he and Izzie fell into bed. However, what Izzie didn't realise was that Max was on his way to propose to her.

In a final Season Two twist, a flashback revealed Jake's true identity- he was the love child of Izzie's ill father John.

2.1: Out of SightEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
26/12/12 21
  • Holly Newman was horrified to wake up next to Jack Foster, she was later shocked to find that he did not remember their one night stand.
  • Ashley Woods was relieved to find that she hadn't killed Sean Carver.
  • Sean was put out by rival Drew Tyler's interest in Ashley.
  • It was revealed that Izzie Roberts had been kidnapped by rapist Mike Taylor.

WriXA Nomination: Best Christmas Episode

Classic Quotes:

"Izzie isn't the kind of girl you can walk away from" Jack Foster to Max Warren

2.2: Everyone Needs SomeoneEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
30/12/12 22
  • Drew Tyler gives Ashley Woods a job at his night club Destiny. She tried to grill Drew about his history with Sean.
  • The police deliver news to Holly Newman about Mike Taylor's escape from his psychiatric unit.
  • Max Warren threw himself into the search for Izzie Roberts.

Classic Quotes:

"I think of it more as occupationally challenged" Ashley Woods

2.3: If Tomorrow Never ComesEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2/1/13 23
  • Max Warren and Holly Newman visited another victim of Mike Taylor, she revealed vital information as to where Mike was keeping Izzie Roberts.
  • A car chase ended in a tragic crash which saw Mike perish.

WriXA Winner: Best New Year's Episode.

Final Appearance of: Mike Taylor (Dax Griffin)

2.4: Old Habits Died HardEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
6/1/13 24
  • Izzie Roberts and Max Warren took their relationship to the next level. However Izzie wasn't coping as well as she thought as she find comfort in a bottle of vodka.
  • Ashley Woods sought comfort from Drew Tyler.
  • Jack Foster was shocked to remember his one night stand with Holly Newman.

Classic Quotes:

"I took tiny little steps and the conclusions were there" Ashley Woods

2.5: Here Comes the GirlEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
9/1/13 25
  • Holly Newman's younger sister Nicole arrived and it was revealed that Nicole was suffering from bulimia.
  • Sean Carver's visit unnerved Ashley Woods.
  • Max Warren struggled to support Izzie Roberts as she threw herself into planning Mike Taylor's funeral.

First Appearance of: Nicole Newman (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

Classic Quotes:

"Do you treat all your customers like that or just the ones you screw?" Sean Carver 

2.6: You're Only 21 OnceEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
20/1/13 26
  • Max Warren worried about Izzie Roberts' drinking.
  • Holly Newman's 21st birthday party was a disaster as a catfight erupted between Ashley Woods and Sammy Davis, after Ashley caught Sammy coming on to Drew Tyler.
  • Sammy was revealed to have a history with both Drew and Sean Carver.

Classic Quotes:

"Twenty one at last Holly, just think, if Ashley hadn't have pushed you down the stairs you wouldn't have been able to drink" Sammy Davis 

"Do you not have a muzzle for her?" Izzie Roberts 

"You were supposed to be keeping an eye on her" Holly Newman "I did! I watched her get drunk" Ashley Woods 

2.7: A Lesson in LoveEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
23/1/13 27
  • Holly Newman found herself taken with her new university lecturer Tom Holden.
  • Suffering with BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) Ashley Woods had a panic attack leading to Sean Carver offering her cocaine to help her cope.
  • Izzie Roberts caught Sammy Davis in a confrontation with her father Henry, the father who was supposed to be dead.

Guest Appearance of: Henry Davis (Roscoe Born)

Classic Quotes:

"I can't be your boyfriend at work Iz, it's not fair on everyone else" Max Warren "Oh right, so when we're at work , I'm allowed to sleep with other people" Izzie Roberts

"You don't have to treat me like a china doll Max" Izzie Roberts

2.8: Picnics and PromisesEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
30/1/13 28
  • Ashley Woods suffered with her cocaine hangover.
  • Max Warren and Izzie Roberts declared their love, while Max broached the subject of Izzie's drinking.
  • Holly Newman struggled with her growing feelings for Tom Holden.
  • Jack Foster confronted Sammy Davis over her lies about her father.

Classic Quotes:

"Who am I kidding? I'm lusting after my teacher" Holly Newman

2.9.1: Imperfect Past Part IEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x9 1
6/2/13 29
  • A special flashback episode which saw the truth about Sammy Davis revealed.
  • Sammy was sexually abused by her father Henry after the death of her mother.
  • Sammy ended her relationship with Andy Tyler.
  • Sammy was heartbroken to discover she was pregnant from her abuse.

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Episode

Guest Appearances of: Henry Davis (Roscoe Born), Tracy Tyler (Lauren Koslow) 10 Year Old Sammy Davis (Bailee Madison), 14 Year Old Sammy Davis (Ashley Rickards), Jen Tyler (Darcy Rose Brynes) and Andy Tyler (Chandler Massey)

  • Despite this episode focusing on Sammy, Molly Burnett did not appear.

2.9.2: Imperfect Past Part IIEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x9 2
13/2/13 30
  • Sammy Davis struggled as she aborted her baby.
  • Sammy plotted to drug her father Henry so she could escape.
  • Henry made a full confession and Sammy was finally free from her abusive father.
Guest Appearances of: 

Henry Davis (Roscoe Born), Tracy Tyler (Lauren Koslow) 10 Year Old Sammy Davis (Bailee Madison), 14 Year Old Sammy Davis (Ashley Rickards) and Jen Tyler (Darcy Rose Brynes)

2.10: No More SecretsEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x10 2
20/2/13 31
  • Sammy Davis was relieved when her father Henry was re-arrested for breaking his parole conditions.
  • Tom Holden played a dangerous game with student Holly Newman as they spent the day together which ended with a kiss.
  • Izzie Roberts continued to drink in secret.
  • Ashley Woods went to Sean Carver for more cocaine.
  • Ashley and Holly ended up in an argument when Holly let slip about her one night stand with Jack Foster.

Classic Quotes:

"Come on guys, you had a stupid school girl crush on Jack. Holly had drunken sex with him. It means nothing, get over it" Izzie Roberts

2.11: Where There's Heat, There's LustEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x11 2
3/3/13 32
  • Nicole Newman's crush on Jack Foster grew.
  • Ashley Woods continued to ignore Holly Newman.
  • Tom Holden tried to resist Holly , but they soon ended up in a passionate clinch.

Classic Quotes:

"The line, you mean the line we already crossed when we kissed in your car" Holly Newman 

2.12: Don't Mess With The GirlEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x12 2
6/3/13 33
  • Ashley Woods and Nicole Newman spent an awkward night with with Jack Foster and Sammy Davis.
  • Sammy taunted Ashley about her history with Drew leading Ashley to reveal Jack's one night stand with Holly Newman. This led to a huge cat fight where Ashley began to see how unstable Sammy could be.
  • Jack was beginning to realise the truth about Nicole's bulimia.

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Scene (Ashley and Sammy's confrontation)

Classic Quotes:

"She's probably sharpening her claws" Ashley Woods

"As long as she doesn't try pimping me out to her clients" Sammy Davis "Firstly, I don't do that anymore and secondly, they wouldn't go near you, even they prefer class" Ashley Woods

"You think you and Drew have this huge love story like Brangelina, but honey, you're more Brad and Jen." Sammy Davis 

"You're just a consolation prize and once Jak realises that you're nowhere good enough for him, he'll throw you out on your skanky ass" Ashley Woods

"You may think you're this strong, independent woman Ashley, but you're nothing but a common whore. You want to take me on, be my guest, but believe me, I always come out on top, it's how I like it" Sammy Davis

2.13: Secrets Don't Stay Secret ForeverEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x13 2
15/3/13 34
  • Sammy Davis struck gold spotting Holly Newman with Tom Holden as she plotted revenge on Holly.
  • Izzie Roberts and Ashley Woods sought comfort from alcohol and drugs.
  • Max Warren was upset when he had to pick up a drunken Izzie.

Classic Quotes:

"It was Ashley. Lovely girl if you look past the prostitution and the trashy make up" Sammy Davis 

"We should totally be the dirty whores club, I'm a dirty whore as people keep telling me, but you're not really a dirty whore" Ashley Woods "Thanks I think" Izzie Roberts "Sammy's a dirty whore, she could be in my club. But I really don't like her. She's a bitch!" Ashley Woods

2.14: Make or BreakEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x14 2
20/3/13 35
  • Thanks to Sammy Davis, Holly Newman's affair with lecturer Tom Holden was exposed in the press.
  • It was make or break for Izzie Roberts and Max Warren as he confronted her about her drinking problem. Izzie promised to get help.
  • Ashley Woods was left shaken when she questioned Drew Tyler about the mysterous Jen.

Classic Quotes:

“What do you want me to say Izzie? Do you want me to tell you how drinking isn’t the way to forget what has happened to you? Or do you want me to tell you how your drinking affects me? Because I’m getting major deja vu here Iz” Max Warren

"This tea tastes weird" Izzie Roberts "That's because there's no vodka in it" Max Warren

2.15: Kiss and Don't TellEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x15 2
27/3/13 36
  • Izzie Roberts struck up a bond with alcoholic Jake Garrison as she attended her first AA meeting.
  • Jack Foster became frustrated with his attempts to help Nicole Newman with her bulimia. 
  • Holly Newman had a violent confrontation with Sammy Davis.

First Appearance of: Jake Garrison (Brandon Beemer)

Classic Quotes: 

"How do you feel?" Max Warren "Like I could do with a double vodka" Izzie Roberts 

“I can’t put weight on, if I do I lose all the control and I can’t handle that. You keep saying how easy it is to just eat and not throw it back up. But you don’t feel what I feel. You don’t know what it’s like to look the mirror and hate what you see” Nicole Newman

2.16: Who's Cheating Who?Edit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x16 2
3/4/13 37
  • Nicole Newman struggled in wake of her kiss with Jack Foster.
  • Sean Carver continued to lead Ashley Woods down a drug fuelled path. Drew Tyler was furious to find Ashley high with Sean. This led to Drew falling into bed with Sammy Davis.
  • Holly Newman was shocked when Tom Holden lost his temper and turned violent.

Classic Quotes:

"Who said dirty's a bad thing?" Drew Tyler

2.17: The Bitter TruthEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x17 2
10/4/13 38
  • Holly Newman tried to hide her bruises caused by Tom Holden.
  • Jack Foster was torn between Sammy Davis and Nicole Newman, his decision was made easier when he found Sammy with Drew Tyler.
  • Izzie Roberts' bond with Jake Garrison became stronger.

Classic Quotes:

“You love power Sammy. You love the power you’ve always had over me and I’m done. Do you realise that I actually came here to break up with you?” Jack Foster

2.18: The Games People PlayEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x18 2
18/4/13 39
  • Jack Foster declared his love for Nicole Newman.
  • Sean Carver revealed it was Drew Tyler who was behind his prostitution racket. 
  • Izzie Roberts realised it was Sean dealing drugs to Ashley and confronted him, threatening him with the police. 
  • Holly Newman was once again left battered and bruised by Tom Holden.

Classic Quotes:

"No one ever sees you without a bottle of vodka in your hand" Ashley Woods

2.19: Sometimes You Just Have to Walk AwayEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x19 2
24/4/13 40
  • Sean Carver drugs Izzie Roberts to make it look like she fell off the wagon, this led to the destruction of her relationship with Max Warren.
  • Drew Tyler confided in Ashley Woods about how Sean got his sister Jen hooked on drugs. Ashley left Drew after he confessed his fling with Sammy Davis.
WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Scene (Max and Izzie's break up)

2.20: When You Can't Have the One You WantEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x20 2
30/4/13 41
  • Holly Newman gave Jack Foster her blessing to date her sister Nicole.
  • Izzie Roberts realises that Sean Carver must have drugged her, but former boyfriend Max Warren doesn't believe her.
  • Violent Tom Holden proposed to Holly Newman.
  • Sammy Davis destroyed Jack and Nicole's newfound happiness by announcing her pregnancy.

Classic Quotes:

“So, you got it on with Mini-Holly, does she know you screwed her sister?” Sammy Davis

2.21: Settle for the One You Can HaveEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
2x21 2
1/5/13 42
  • Izzie Roberts and Drew Tyler confided in each other their hurt over their break ups from Max Warren and Ashley Woods. This led to passion between the unlikely couple.
  • Max revealed to Ashley that he had planned to propose to Izzie. Ashley supported Izzie's theory that Sean Carver drugged her and Max realised his mistake. He left to propose to Izzie.
  • A flashback revealed Jake Garrison meeting his biological father for the first time - John Roberts.

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Episode

Classic Quotes:

“The role of Godmother to the first kid goes straight to you” Max Warren

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