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The first season of City Girls began on September 16th 2012 on Writer's Express and concluded on November 26th 2012.

The season consisted of twenty episodes and saw two regular cast members (Sammy Davis and Max Warren) join the show halfway through the series. The first season also the exit of Shane Cassidy.

Season One picked up several WriXAs including Best Drama Plot for Izzie Roberts' rape and Best Drama Episode for 1.8: What Did I Do To Deserve This? A special two hander episode between Izzie Roberts and Mike Taylor.

Season One OverviewEdit

City Girls Season One Trailer01:22

City Girls Season One Trailer

The first ever episode opened with a twist as young Psychology student Holly Newman found out she was pregnant by her older (absent) boyfriend Shane, while the materialistic Ashley Woods met the charming modelling agent Sean Carver. It was revealed that Izzie Roberts was raped after their night out, but she at first keeps it a secret from her friends. She seeks solace in alcohol and self harm in attempt to numb her pain, but eventually confided in her work colleague Mike Taylor. As Izzie and Mike got closer, it looked as though romance could be on the cards. But when Izzie's memories of her rape came flooding back, she realised that Mike was her rapist. In a special two hander episode, the truth about Mike was revealed. Mike was a severely damaged individual who had witnessed the rape of his mother by his own father. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Izzie struggled to prevent Mike from shooting himself.

Ashley let herself fall into Sean's arms and dreamt of the lavish lifestyle he could offer her. But it soon came apparant that the lifestyle he was offering came at a price. Ashley found herself confronted with a man Sean had arranged to pay to spend time with Ashley. In a shocking twist Ashley went along with the arrangement and soon stepped out on her own as a prostitute.


City Girls Izzie, Holly and Ashley

Holly hid her pregnancy from her friends, but eventually confided in Izzie, who tried her best to support her friend. Holly and Ashley's storylines soon interwined together. In another shocking twist, which led to another special two hander episode, this time between Holly and Ashley. It was revealed that one of Ashley's clients Simon was in fact Shane, the father of Holly's baby. Ashley blew Holly's world apart with this news leading to an explosive confrontation and a fall down the stairs for Holly.

Ashley ended up moving in with the girls' best friend Jack Foster (who was hopelessly in love with Ashley) while Holly and Izzie tried to rebuild their lives. Izzie found a job working as an Editor for a newspaper where she met the charming, but arrogant Max Warren, thus beginning City Girls' first ever love story. Izzie and Max's banter soon led to flirting, but a series of events such as Izzie's attempt of undercover journalism threatened their budding romance. In an emotional moment Izzie revealed the truth about her rape and this led to an understanding between the two. The chemistry between Max and Izzie was explosive and in the season finale, Max finally gave Izzie an ultimatum about their future. When Izzie didn't turn up to meet him, Max was disappointed that things were over before they realy begun. But at the same time, a news report showed that Mike Taylor had escaped from his psychiatric hospital.

Ashley's meeting with her client Oscar led to a dramatic accident as his wife threw a cup of coffee in Ashley's face leading to a very serious facial injury. Jack gave everything up to pay for Ashley's plastic surgery, she awoke from her surgery with a somewhat confused view of Jack- she now believed she was in love with him. But despite, being in love with her for years, Jack had now found love with the inapproriate Sammy.

Holly, meanwhile took Shane back into her life, but soon learnt her lesson when she met his angry wife.

Blaming Sean for the fire, Ashley confronted him, but when he tried to rape her. Ashley lashed out with a vase, leaving us not knowing whether or not she had killed Sean, while Holly and Jack, having being dumped by Sammy sought solace in alcohol and each other as they fell into bed for a one night stand.

1.1: Secrets, Lies and DestructionEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
16/9/12 1
  • Izzie Roberts and Ashley Woods were annoyed when Holly Newman bailed out on their night out.
  • Ashley Roberts was intrigued when she met charming modeling agent Sean Carver.
  • Holly Newman took a pregnancy test which was positive.

First appearances of: Izzie Roberts (Shelley Hennig), Mike Taylor (Dax Griffin), Ashley Woods (Julie Marie Berman), Holly Newman (Rachel Melvin), Jack Foster (Mark Hapka) and Sean Carver (James Scott).

Classic Quotes:

"You've had one freebie photoshoot, that doesn't make you Britain's Next Top Model" Izzie Roberts to Ashley Woods.

"Look at my face, do I look like someone you can't trust?" Sean Carver to Ashley Woods.

1.2: The First Cut is the DeepestEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
19/9/12 2
  • Izzie Roberts struggles to come to terms with being raped, she seeks solace in alcohol and self harm.
  • Ashley Woods finds herself charmed by the new life Sean Carver is offering.


First appearance of: Shane Cassidy (Sean Kanan) - Flashback

1.3: Drowning on Dry LandEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
23/9/12 3
  • Ashley Woods felt uncomfortable as Sean Carver tried to convince her to model nude.
  • Izzie Roberts broke down and confided in her ordeal to her work colleague Mike Taylor.
  • Holly Newman felt awkward as Ashley apologised for her attitude about Holly's previous romance with older Shane Cassidy.

Classic Quotes:

"I should have fought back. But I couldn’t, I just kept thinking, if I let it happen then it will be over quicker. I am so weak and pathetic, what kind of woman just lets a man take whatever the hell he wants?” Izzie Roberts

1.4: The Self Destruct ButtonEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
26/9/12 4
  • Holly Newman tried to encourage Izzie Roberts to open up but ended up confiding the truth about her own pregnancy.
  • Sean Carver's true intentions were revealed as Ashley Woods found herself with a choice.
  • Mike Taylor continued to support Izzie as they became closer.


Classic Quotes:

"Pregnant? How? Don’t you need a guy for that?” Izzie Roberts

"I might have a way to make you feel a little bit better" Mike Taylor "Does it involve vodka?" Izzie Roberts

1.5: A Losing BattleEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
30/9/12 5
  • Ashley Woods was disgusted by her actions and soon confronted Sean Carver for his manipulation.
  • Holly Newman distracted herself from her own relationship issues to focus on Jack Foster's.
  • Mike Taylor worried about Izzie Roberts's drinking and was shocked when Holly confided the truth about Izzie's previous suicide attempt.


Classic Quotes:

"You’re already in the friends zone" Holly Newman to Jack Foster

"You know you're cute when you're mad" Izzie Roberts "I'm not mad" Mike Taylor "But you're cute, you didn't deny that"

1.6: Thanks for the MemoryEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
3/10/12 6
  • Shane Cassidy finally returned to Holly Newman's life and she arranged a dinner party for him to meet her friends.
  • Izzie Roberts struggled to open up to the idea of romance and found flashbacks of her rape reveal startling news.
  • Ashley Woods was stunned to find she had already met Shane through her work as a prostitute.

Classic Quotes:

"It looks like somebody massacred Bambi in here" Jack Foster

1.7: Fall From GraceEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
8/10/12 7
  • Ashley Woods confessed the truth about her prostitution to friend Jack Foster, he made her realise she had to tell Holly Newman the truth about her boyfriend Shane Cassidy.
  • Izzie Roberts found herself trapped with rapist Mike Taylor, she soon realised how unstable he was.

Classic Quotes:

"I was falling for a lie" Ashley Woods

1.8: What Did I Do to Deserve This?Edit

Episode Date Episode Number
14/10/12 8
  • Izzie Roberts found herself trapped with rapist Mike Taylor.
  • Mike admitted how he had seen his father rape his mother when he was a child and later found his father body after he commited suicide.
  • Izzie tried to stop Mike from killing himself, but the episode ended with a struggle and a gunshot.

WriXA Winner: Best Drama Episode Last Regular Appearance of: Mike Taylor (Dax Griffin)

This was the first two hander episode for City Girls, between Mike Taylor and rape victim Izzie Roberts.

1.9: Shattered DreamsEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
17/10/12 9
  • A special two hander between Holly Newman and Ashley Woods saw the friends' fiery confrontation about Ashley's work as a prostitute and Holly's boyfriend Shane Cassidy being one of her clients.
  • In an arguement, a pregnant Holly fell down the stairs. 

This was the second two hander episode for City Girls, between Holly Newman and Ashley Woods.

Classic Quotes:

"It was only the once" Ashley Woods "Well once is enough" Holly Newman 

He sees prostitutes because there’s obviously something you he’s not getting from you” Ashley Woods

1.10: The Blame GameEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
22/10/12 10
  • Holly Newman suffered a miscarriage while Ashley Woods suffered with guilt.
  • Izzie Roberts dealt with the aftermath of Mike Taylor's institutionalisement alone as Holly and Ashley's friendship fell apart.
  • Izzie felt positive and determined to move on from her ordeal.

Classic Quotes:

“I should hate him and I really did hate him, right up until that moment and I know I should be terrified of him, but now all I see is this scared little boy, who saw some horrific things in his childhood. There is no excuse for what he did to me, but I can understand, I can understand that there is this Psychology behind why he raped me. And to be honest, it’s that understanding that will get me through this" Izzie Roberts 

1.11: The Truth Will Always HurtEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
24/10/12 11
  • Izzie Roberts finally confided in Holly Newman the truth about Mike Taylor and her rape.
  • Izzie Roberts succeeded in getting a new job at the West Lodge Advertiser.
  • Holly confronted cheating Shane Cassidy and lied when she told him she had an abortion.

Classic Quotes:

"You need a new sofa" Ashley Woods "I'll tell my parents to put it on my list" Jack Foster 

"Do you think I'm crazy?" Holly Newman "I think you're colourful. Colourful in a way you might respond well to medication" Izzie Roberts

1.12: Chemicals ReactEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
28/10/12 12
  • Izzie Roberts began her new job as a journalist and clashed with her editor Max Warren.
  • Ashley Woods provides a former client a shoulder to cry on but it ends in horror when his wife throws a hot drink in Ashley's face.

First Appearance of: Max Warren (Darin Brooks)

Classic Quotes:

"You need the love of a good woman" Holly Newman "I think I manage quite well by myself" Jack Foster "Eww, I really didn't want to know that" Holly Newman

"Some tosser cut me up at the roundabout and I crashed into a lampost...And this would be the tosser" Izzie Roberts about Max Warren 

"I like it hot with a hint of milk and only the one sugar cause I'm sweet enough" Max Warren

1.13: Missing PiecesEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
31/10/12 13
  • Ashley Woods suffered from horrific scarring after her accident. She was devastated to see her face for the first time. 
  • Holly Newman finally made the choice to put the past behind her and be there for Ashley.
  • Max Warren asks Izzie Roberts to help him report on the Jay Gardener murder case.

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Scene (Ashley sees her burnt face for the first time) Classic Quotes:

"You women really do remember everything, like elephants" Max Warren "Are you comparing me to an elephant?" Izzie Roberts 

"Don't get too used to compliments, I'm offensive remember" Max Warren

1.14: Hope for the HopelessEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
4/11/12 14
  • Max Warren was annoyed when the Jay Gardener case fell apart.
  • Max confided in Izzie Roberts a tragic story from his past, an accident which left Max paralysed and forced to learn to walk again.
  • Ashley Woods continued to push her loved ones away as she retreated into herself.
  • Jack Foster offered to pay for Ashley to have a private operation to heal her scar.

Classic Quotes:

"You’re over confident, arrogant, cocky, patronizing, bossy and you don’t give a crap about anyone else but yourself" Izzie Roberts to Max Warren 

"You expect everything to come easy, like you feel the world owes you something and you expect to get it straightaway, you’re over sensitive and you take every single thing I say personally, when honestly it’s not" Max Warren to Izzie Roberts 

"I look like something from Saw 5" Ashley Woods

“I have some words to add to my list from earlier, you’re determined, you live life to the full exactly how you want and you don’t care what people think about you” Izzie Roberts to Max Warren

1.15: Too Little Too LateEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
7/11/12 15
  • At the hospital, Jack Foster met Sammy Davis for the first time after she was thrown from a car by an ex boyfriend.
  • Shane Cassidy walked back into Holly Newman's life and asked for another chance.
  • Izzie Roberts was uncomfortable when Max Warren asked her to work undercover to catch a rapist, but it ended badly when her drink was spiked.

First Appearance of: Sammy Davis (Molly Burnett)

Classic Quotes:

"Are you coming with me or are you waiting to fufil your fantasy with a slutty nurse?" Sammy Davis 

1.16: Just One KissEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
11/11/12 16
  • Ashley Woods ventured into public for the first time, but was shocked to find Holly Newman had reunited with Shane Cassidy.
  • Jack Foster found himself under Sammy Davis' spell.
  • Izzie Roberts and Max Warren had a fiery confrontation which almost led to a kiss.

Classic Quotes:

"This sounds more like jealousy to me" Max Warren "Why the hell would I be jealous?" Izzie Roberts "Beacuse you can see the chemistry too, you want me just as much as I want you" Max Warren 

1.17: Bad to the BoneEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
14/11/12 17
  • Sammy Davis made a bad impression on the three girls with her catty comments.
  • Izzie Roberts desperately tried to avoid Max Warren, but ended up confiding the truth about being raped.

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Scene (Izzie confides in Max about her rape) Last Appearance of: Shane Cassidy (Sean Kanan)

Classic Quotes:

"I've known you for about sixty seconds and I already hate you" Ashley Woods to Sammy Davis 

"You must be the whore sleeping with my husband" Patricia Cassidy "No, I think that might be her" Sammy Davis 

“Every now and again, I feel strong and I feel like I am beginning to remember, but it always ends with the same memories, the same fear and sometimes it feels like I am never going to be me again" Izzie Roberts

1.18: Feeling the HeatEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
18/11/12 18
  • Sammy Davis showed a spark of jealousy of Jack Foster's friendship with Ashley Woods.
  • Holly Newman tried to encourage Izzie Roberts' interest in Max Warren.
  • Sean Carver threatened Ashley Woods for money.
  • Somebody set the girls' flat on fire.


Classic Quotes:

"It's like a sauna in here" Holly Newman "Hol, it's the middle of winter and our central heating is not that good" Izzie Roberts "I'm talking about all this heat between you and Max, if you were any hotter for him, you'd melt" Holly Newman 

"I won't take this lying down" Sean Carver "I thought you liked it that way" Ashley Woods

"I’m over confident, arrogant, cocky, patronising, bossy and I don’t give a crap about anyone else apart from myself. Except that I do...I do care about someone. I didn’t want to and to be honest it was the last thing I expected, but Izzie, I care about you" Max Warren

1.19: Love HurtsEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
21/11/12 19
  • Jack Foster rescued Holly Newman from the fire at the flat.
  • Ashley Woods found herself being rejected by Jack Foster.
  • Izzie Roberts pushed Max Warren away.
  • Ashley believed Sean Carver was behind the fire, while Holly suspected her ex Shane Cassidy.

Classic Quotes:

"I can’t handle this Max, you’ve got under my skin and I hate this feeling, I feel like I need you and I hate feeling this vulnerable. I told you, I’m damaged goods and I can’t cope. I feel like whatever I’m doing or whoever I’m with, you’re there or you’re constantly on my mind and it’s suffocating me" Izzie Roberts

1.20: Happily Never AfterEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
26/11/12 20
  • Ashley Woods confronted Sean Carver about the fire, Ashley lashed out when Sean attempted to rape her.
  • Max Warren gave Izzie Roberts an ultimatum and was devastated when she didn't turn up to meet him.
  • Sammy Davis dumped Jack Foster after accusing him of cheating with Ashley.
  • A drunken Jack fell into bed with Holly Newman.
  • Mike Taylor escaped from his secure unit.

First Appearance of: Drew Tyler (Jay Kenneth Johnson)

WriXA Nomination: Best Drama Episode

Classic Quotes:

"Playing with fire isn't my style. Although you seem to quite enjoy it" Sean Carver 

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