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Season Four  began on Monday September 16th 2013, the first anniversary of City Girls' Writer's Express debut and concluded on Wednesday 19th February 2014.

Season Four met new characters Chris Halliday, Amanda Samuels and Tony Luciano as well as Izzie's family Dad John, mother Natasha and sister Ellie.

Season Four OverviewEdit


Chris' true colours were soon exposed

Despite Ashley taking responsibility for the pregnancy test, Izzie eventually confessed that she was the one who was pregnant. Izzie and Max eventually put their issues aside and began to look forward to parenthood. However, the arrival of Amanda Samuels at the West Lodge Advertiser caused Izzie a number of headaches. Bitchy Amanda enjoyed to make an hormonal Izzie feel insecure in her relationship.  Holly struggled to come to terms with her recovery from her domestic violence ordeal, her relationship with Jake was in tatters as she continued to push him away. Eventually she pushed too hard and Jake left London behind, Holly was hurt and ended up seeking solace in one night stands. However, in wake of John Roberts cancer and death, Jake returned with a new lady on his arm.  Season Four saw Ashley come into her own as a night club owner she inherited Destiny from Drew. Taking Ashllie's into her hands, Ashley hired Chris Halliday as an assistant manager. The pair struggled to date especially after free spirit Ashley discovered Chris had a daughter. But that wasn't Chris' only secret as it was revealed that Chris was actually working for the dark, dangerous Tony Luciano in attempt to ruin Ashllie's reputation and force her to sell the club. Jack and Nicole's return created more than just the one surprise as they revealed that they had got married while away. However, reality soon hit the couple as Jack led himself into debt trying to provide a home and a life for his new wife. Jack suffered a violent beating from loan shark Ethan Buckley who soon resorted to desperate measures to punish Jack for his lack of repayment.


The Roberts Family

Meanwhile, Izzie was in for a shock when over Christmas it was revealed that her father John's cancer had returned and was terminal. The Roberts family came together and were devastated as John revealed the truth about his son Jake. With Izzie by his side, John passed away leaving behind his fractured family. Izzie eventually opened up and allowed Jake into her life.

Holly's one night stand with brother-in-law Jack came back to haunt Holly as Nicole overheard her talking to Ashley. Holly was devastated by Nicole's anger and feels guilty that they couldn't make up before Nicole's horrifying accident which left her in a coma. In a shock twist, loan shark Ethan tried to kill Jack by driving straight for him, Nicole pushed him out of the way and got caught in the crossfire leaving her in a coma. Season Four ended with Nicole's heart stopping as Jack begged doctors to save his wife's life.

The last part of Season Four was a rollercoaster for Izzie as a clash with Amanda ended up with Izzie at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Izzie and Max were relieved to be told that baby Chloe would be okay, with a little help from Jake, Max created the perfect romantic setting and proposed to Izzie. Holly battled with her jealousy of Jake's relationship with Chrissie James throughout the last part of Season Four, however after Jake was involved in a car crash, Holly declared her love and Jake asked her to marry him. In a surprising twist, Chris approached Ashley after losing everything and asked her to run away with him to avoid a custody battle for daughter Emily against her mother Amanda Samuels. Ashley realised that she wasn't in love with Chris and let him leave without her.

In a cruel twist, a car accident saw the stress take it's toll on Izzie's body and she went into labour three months early. In the most heartbreaking scenes of City Girls' history, baby Chloe died and Izzie and Max grieved the loss of their daughter. 

4.1: Running to Stand StillEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep1 2
16/9/13 69
  • Ashley Woods feels suffocated as Max Warren and Jake Garrison fuss over her pregnancy.
  • Holly Newman struggled with nightmares after her ordeal with Tom Holden.
  • Ashley took a shine to Chris Halliday and decided to give him a job at Ashllie's.

First Appearance of: Chris Halliday (Drew Fuller)

Classic Quotes:

"Might as well eat all the crap now you packing on the baby weight" Max Warren

4.2: You Think You Know SomebodyEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep2 2
25/9/13 70
  • Jake Garrison's attempt to help Holly Newman backfired when he pushed her too hard. 
  • Ashley Woods was annoyed when Max Warren revealed her pregnancy to Chris Halliday. She called Izzie Roberts and told her she couldn't cover for her any longer.
  • Izzie admitted the truth to Max and was hurt when he questioned who the father was.

Classic Quotes:

“Chris thinks I’m giving birth to Drew Tyler Pimp the second despite the fact that mathematics makes it impossible, I’m packing on baby weight according to Max and I swear everyone who works for me thinks I’m a slut” Ashley Woods 

4.3: Every Night Tells a New StoryEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep3 2
9/10/13 71
  • Max Warren apologised and surprised Izzie Roberts with a nursery.
  • Ashllie's reopening was a success.
  • Jack Foster returned with his new wife Nicole, much to the surprise to the others.
Nicole Newman (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is now credited as Nicole Foster.

4.4: How Can You Be Sure?Edit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep4 2
23/10/13 72
  • Chris Halliday asked out Ashley Woods.
  • Max Warren and Izzie Roberts were happy as they made plans for their new family.
  • Sisters Holly Newman and Nicole Foster began to build bridges. Holly is relieved when she gets a phone to tell her that Tom Holden has pleaded guilty and will go to prison.

Classic Quotes:

“I’m open to having a girl, a little mini-Izzie would be cute. As long as she isn’t a diva like her mum” Max Warren 

Read more:

4.5: A Crash Course in DatingEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep5 2
6/11/13 73
  • Izzie Roberts was left unimpressed by new journalist Amanda Samuels, especially after she set her sights on Max Warren.
  • Nicole Foster had a pregnancy scare which led to tension between her and husband Jack.
  • Chris Halliday stood up Ashley Woods.

First Appearance of: Amanda Samuels (Kelly Thiebaud)

Classic Quotes:

"If I remember correctly, I was late for my first day because some a***hole cut me up at a roundabout" Izzie Roberts “And if I remember correctly, that a***hole compensated you sufficiently” Max Warren

"Maybe I should become a nun" Ashley Woods “You wouldn’t like the wardrobe and I’m pretty sure you would get thrown out for getting frisky with the monks” Holly Newman

4.6: He's Just Not That Into YouEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep6 2
20/11/13 74
  • Jack Foster confided in Max Warren about his debt problems, but Max was unable to lend him enough money.
  • Ashley Woods was left confused by Chris Halliday's behaviour.
  • Izzie Roberts was upset when Jake Garrison told her that he was leaving, she was the one who had to break the news to Holly Newman.
  • Ashley was left unnerved by a meeting with Tony Luciano.

First Appearance of: Tony Luciano (Maurice Benard)

Classic Quotes:

“Why do you look like you’ve run over a puppy?” Izzie Roberts

4.7: The Things I Can Never HaveEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep7 2
4/12/13 75
  • Ashley Woods was unnerved when Nicole Foster was approached by modeling agent Daren Milan.
  • Amanda Samuels sabotaged Izzie Roberts' work to make her look bad in front of Max Warren.
  • Ashley worried about Holly Newman as she dealt with Jake Garrison's departure by getting drunk.

Guest Appearance of: Daren Milan (Kyle Lowder)

Classic Quotes: 

“Have you killed any drug addicted prostitutes lately?” Ashley Woods

4.8: Let the Girls Go LooseEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep8 2
11/12/13 76
  • A three hander episode which saw the three girls escape to a spa retreat. 
  • Holly Newman continued to act out of character as she had a one night stand with Pete Harrison.
Guest Appearance of: Pete Harrison (Anthony Quinlan)

4.9: The Lonely Road of LifeEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep9 2
18/12/13 77
  • Ashley Woods rejected the attention from Tony Luciano and found herself in Chris Halliday's arms.
  • Ashley supported Nicole Foster during her photo shoot despite her reservations.
  • Izzie Roberts struggled with her jealousy of Amanda Samuels.

Classic Quotes:

“You’re the one neglecting your family to drool over Amanda’s oversized fake chest” Izzie Roberts

4.10: It's Not Such a Merry ChristmasEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep10 2
25/12/13 78
  • The group enjoyed Christmas together, even Holly Newman who was still reeling from Jake Garrison's departure.
  • Ashley Woods was shocked to meet Emily, Chris Halliday's young daughter.
  • Izzie Roberts got bad news from her sister Ellie - their father John had been taken into hospital again.

WriXA Nomination: Best Christmas Episode

Guest Appearances of: Rebecca Newman (Julie Pinson) and Emily Halliday (Brooklyn Rae Silzer)

Classic Quotes:

“I never thought I’d see the day that my daughter would become a scrooge at Christmas” Rebecca Newman 

“Ashley and Chris are heading down the happily ever after brick road” Holly Newman

4.11: The Past is our PresentEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep11 2
26/12/13 79
  • The Roberts family gathered by John's bedside. They were given the devastating news that John's cancer was back and this time there was nothing they could do.
  • Jack Foster was angry to find out wife Nicole had spent their money on a photo shoot and portfolio.
  • Amanda Samuels made her move on Max Warren.
  • John Roberts introduced his family to his son Jake Garrison.

WriXA Nomination: Best Christmas Episode, Best Drama Episode, Best Drama Scene (John reveals Jake is his son)

First Appearances of: Natasha Roberts (Sarah Joy Brown) and Ellie Roberts (Kelly Monaco)

Guest Appearances of: John Roberts (Stephen Nichols) and Emily Hallliday (Brooklyn Rae Silzer)

Classic Quotes:

“You mean, like Sean thought Ashley could build a good career as a hooker” Jack Foster 

4.12: The Trick is to Keep BreathingEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep12 2
1/1/14 80
  • In the first ever scripted episode of City Girls, Izzie Roberts confronted Jake Garrison about hiding the truth about his paternity and relationship to her.

This was a two hander episode between Izzie Roberts and Jake Garrison. It was also the first ever scripted episode of City Girls.

WriXA Winner: Best New Year's Episode, Best Drama Episode

WriXA Nomination: Best Scripted Episode

Classic Quotes:

"You’re not my brother, biology doesn’t make a brother" Izzie Roberts

4.13: How Much Are You Willing to Lose?Edit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep13 2
10/1/14 81
  • Izzie Roberts struggled to come to terms with the truth about Jake Garrison.
  • Izzie was devastated as her father John Roberts died.
  • Nicole Foster was disgusted by Darren Milan's attitude towards bulimic model Cassie White.
  • Holly Newman confided in Jack Foster about father Mark Monroe's letter, she eventually burnt the letter without reading it.
  • Jake had explaining to do to Holly and eventually admitted he was seeing someone new.

WriXA Winner: Best Drama Scene (John dies with Izzie by his side)

Guest Appearances of: John Roberts (Stephen Nichols), Cassie White (Mackenzie Mauzey) and Darren Milan (Kyle Lowder)

4.14: Everything's in the Wrong PlaceEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep14 2
17/1/14 82
  • The Roberts family gathered for John's funeral. Ellie clashed with Jake Garrison, while Izzie was torn between her siblings.
  • Jake was touched by Natasha Roberts' kindess, but was hurt when Izzie pushed him away.
  • Ashley Woods has doubts about her future with Chris Halliday now she knows about his daughter.

Classic Quotes: 

"You’re no one to us, you just happen to share some of the same DNA" Ellie Roberts

4.15: Secrets and LoansEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep15 2
24/1/14 83
  • Izzie Roberts began to allow brother Jake Garrison into her life. 
  • Jack Foster admitted to Max Warren that he borrowed money from a loan shark.
  • Holly Newman confrontated Jake about their past and his new relationship.

Guest Appearance of: Chrissie James (Ashley Jones)

Classic Quotes

“Well…maybe I wanted you to fight for me, be there to support me and refuse to let me go. Tell me that there is no one else that you could ever be with apart from me” Holly Newman

4.16: Songs to Love ByEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep16 2
30/1/14 84
  • Jack Foster lied to wife Nicole about his beating.
  • Izzie Roberts and Holly Newman tried to convince Ashley Woods to be honest with Chris Halliday.
  • Izzie continued to be wound up by Amanda Samuels leading Max Warren to admit the truth about Amanda's seduction attempt.
  • Chris was revealed to be working for Tony Luciano to sabotage Ashllie's to force Ashley to sell up.

Classic Quotes:

“Hormones make you bitchy” Max Warren “Promiscuous slappers make me bitchy” Izzie Roberts 

4.17: This Isn't the Way to LiveEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep17 2
7/2/14 85
  • Chris Halliday's attempt to sabotage Ashllie's charity night failed and led Ashley Woods to discover Chris' connection to Tony Luciano. Ashley stood up to Tony and vowed that he would never get his hands on her club.
  • Amanda Samuels was exposed as Emily Halliday's mother.
  • Amanda's confrontation with Izzie Roberts ended with Izzie falling down the stairs. 
  • Nicole Foster overheard a conversation which revealed the truth about husband Jack's one night stand with her sister Holly Newman years before.

Classic Quotes:

“Well I figured being drunk is the only way I will get through the night” Ashley Woods

“You’re so damn lucky that I am pregnant otherwise I’d be kicking your cheap plastic ass out of this club” Izzie Roberts

4.18: Crying Won't HelpEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep18 2
14/2/14 86
  • Izzie Roberts and Max Warren were relieved to hear baby Chloe was okay after Izzie's fall. He later proposed to Izzie.
  • Max forced Amanda Samuels out of a job.
  • Nicole Foster refused to forgive husband Jack. His debt problems came back to haunt him and led Nicole to become a victim of a hit and run.
  • Ashley Woods fired Chris Halliday.

Final Appearance of: Amanda Samuels (Kelly Thiebaud)

Classic Quotes:

“Izzie, life is about taking risks and taking chances, but I promise you Iz, I’ll be the safest bet you ever make” Max Warren

4.19: It Shouldn't Be Like ThisEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep19 2
19/2/14 87
  • Jack Foster and Holly Newman remained by Nicole's bedside as she lay in a coma.
  • Chris Halliday asked Ashley Woods to run away with him after Amanda Samuels sued for custody of their daughter Emily.
  • Jake Garrison, Izzie Roberts and Ashley Woods were in a car accident, Ashley was left devastated and scared as Izzie went into premature labour.
Final Appearance of: Chris Halliday (Drew Fuller)

4.20: There's Nothing Good About GoodbyeEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
Ep20 2
19/2/14 88
  • Chrissie James realised that Jake Garrison loved Holly Newman.
  • Jake proposed to Holly as he recovered from surgery.
  • Nicole Foster flatlined much to Jack Foster's distress.
  • Izzie Roberts and Max Warren were devastated when they lost their baby girl Chloe through stillbirth.

Final Appearance of: Chrissie James (Ashley Jones)

Classic Quotes:

“I wish I could have known you, you had everything a child could ever want…except time.” Max Warren

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