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A special spin off revealed the history between Drew, Sean and Sammy

City Girls | A Step Back in Time

A three-episode special which went back in time to explore the past connection of Drew Tyler, Sean Carver and Sammy Davis. The mysterious Jen connected the three. Jen was revealed to be Jennifer Tyler, Drew's younger sister. The best friend of Sammy and the ex girlfriend of Sean.

Sean and Drew were running a prostitution racket from their strip club, then called 'Red Lights'. What Drew didn't realise was that Jen was one of their prostitutes and that Sean had got her addicted to heroin. Drew and Sammy's no strings attached relationship got complicated when Sammy caught Drew with another girl. Sean showed how evil he was when he raped Jen, who was passed out from the amount of heroin she had injected.

An upset Sammy fell into bed with Sean, but was caught out by Jen. This led to the destruction of Jen and Sammy's friendship. In a shocking twist, Jen died from a heroin overdose leading to Drew discovering the truth about her life with Sean. Drew and Sean came to blows at Jen's funeral where Sean revealed all to Drew's mother Tracey. Tracey disowned her son and Drew was left alone.

2.22.1: You Can Never Trust AnyoneEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
21/5/13 43
  • Sammy Davis broke up with Drew Tyler and ended up in Sean Carver's arms.
  • Sean brutally raped his unconscious addict girlfriend Jen Tyler.
  • Jen caught Sammy and Sean out and disowned Sammy as her best friend.

Guest Appearance of: Jen Tyler (Kirsten Storms)

Classic Quotes:

You know what Sammy, you’d better leave before I start pulling your hair out by its roots" Jen Tyler

2.22.2: Not Ready to Say GoodbyeEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
22/5/13 44
  • Jen Tyler confided the truth to brother Drew about her drug addiction, prostitution and Sean Carver cheating with Sammy Davis.
  • Drew was devastated to find Jen's unconscious body and rushed to hospital, but it was too late. Drew and his mother Tracy made the decision to turn off Jen's life support.

Guest Appearances of: Jen Tyler (Kirsten Storms) and Tracy Tyler (Lauren Koslow)

Classic Quotes:

"Well, if it isn’t the whore of the City of London" Jen Tyler 

We’re the same Drew, you’ve always known it. Only, you’re a weaker version of me” Sean Carver

2.22.3: The End of Life as We Know ItEdit

Episode Date Episode Number
24/5/13 45
  • Drew Tyler and Sammy Davis delivered touching speeches at Jen's funeral.
  • Drew cut ties with Sammy.
  • Sean Carver exposed Drew's involvement with drugs and prostitution to his mother Tracy, Tracy disowned her son and Drew was left alone.
Guest Appearance of: Tracy Tyler (Lauren Koslow)