Broken Lives is a project created by Writer's Express member, Caller.

Broken Lives series logo (Season 1)

The series premiered March 19, 2013 on Writer's Express as a Forum Lab Project (a trial run). The series was later announced as cancelled a day later, with Caller stating that their: "interest vested in the project was not enough to justify its continuance." However, the decision was later reversed, following a string of rave reviews after the pilot's posting. Caller has recently announced that a revamped version of the show will begin Christmas 2013.


Broken Lives follows a homeless community on the streets of London, and the newest edition to the community - Jake Dougal. Jake has been kicked out by his wife following a secret that blew his family to pieces, and has therefore become seperated from his only child, Matty. With both his parents dead and not much family, Jake has nowhere to turn, and nowhere to keep warm. Now faced with a life on the streets, Jake is forced to learn how to survive and there's many surprises along the way.

Character ListingsEdit

The current cast of Broken Lives (as of Season 1).

CHARACTER First appearance Last appearance Status
Jake Dougal "Pilot" - Main
Cindy Dougal "Pilot" - Main
Matty Dougal "Pilot" - Minor
Evan Dawson "Pilot" - Main
Priya Patel "Pilot" - Minor
Steve Weston - - Main
Jill Adams - - Minor
Ross Wendell - - Minor
Rachel Day - - Minor
Hazel Woodhams "Pilot" - Main
Eddy Jenkins "Pilot" - Main
Wenda Freeman - - Main
Mick Fosters "Pilot" - Main
Kwame Browne - - Main
Cleo Valler 'FBI Layton' "Pilot" - Main
Paula Brewer "Pilot" - Main
Jack Brewer "Pilot" - Main
Den Carter "Pilot" - Main
Harris Joel - - Minor
Mrs. X - - Main
Mr. X - - Main

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