Title Card - II
The first season of the London-based soap opera is due to begin on Writers Express in June/July.

Season One of the soap has twenty five cast members - which some to be given the status of recurring character.

Season One contains twenty three episodes. No cast changes present.

Season One Cast ChangesEdit

Joining Cast Members:

Exiting Cast Members:

Recurring/Guest Cast:

1.01 | "What A Mother!"Edit

Writer Date of Episode Episode No.
Walfman 26/06/14 01
  • Erica Carter is left vulnerable and scared - but what's the cause?
  • Patrick Neilson wants answers from his father Tommy but what over?
  • What is Jordan Green keeping from his wife Jessica?

First Appearances of: Tommy Neilson (Robert Carlyle), Patrick Neilson (Eugene Simon), Vanessa Neilson (Glynis Barber), Cara Neilson (Pheobe Dynevor), Naomi O'Rourke (Kathryn Prescott), Amanda Hall (Catherine Russell), Natalie Carter (Kim Tiddy), Erica Carter (Sarah Jayne Dunn), Jackie Foster (Denise Welch), Jordan Green (Jordan Patrick Smith), Jessica Green (Eliza Taylor-Cotter), Hannah Carter (Holly Kenny), Kieran Anderson (Kit Harington), Barbara Williams (Barbara Young), Karen Ainsworth (Amanda Burton), Amber Ainsworth (Gabrielle Wilde), Sky O'Rourke (Megan Prescott), Amy Meadows (Darcy Isa)

1.02 | "The Man In The Ironic Mask" Edit

Writer Date of Episode Episode No.
Walfman 06/07/2014 02
  • Who finds Erica Carter vulnerable and will she go to hospital?

1.03 | "Don't Shame On My Parade" Edit

Writer Date of Episode Episode No
Walfman 13/07/14 03

1.04 | "Not So Green After All" Edit

1.05 | "Wham, Bam, What A Sham!" Edit

1.06 | "To Honour You" Edit

1.07 | "Take My Breath Away" Edit

1.08 | "The Secret Life Of Tingwell" Edit

1.09 | "Pride Comes Before A Paul" Edit

1.10 | "One Darkened Sky" Edit

1.11 | "Hall's Well That Ends Well" Edit

1.12 | "Tarts Ahoy!" Edit

1.13 | "You Can't Take This Back" Edit

1.14 | "Brothers At Arms" Edit

1.15 | "What The Cat Dragged In" Edit

1.16 | "My Sister, The Maneater" Edit

1.17 | "When Worlds Collide" Edit

1.18 | "Sex, Lies and Ultrasound" Edit

1.19 | "Love Me Or Leave Me" Edit

1.20 | "Things We Do For Love" Edit

1.21 | "When Push Comes To Shove" Edit

1.22 | "Two Brides and A Bitch" (1/3) Edit

1.23 | "Oh, What A Tangled Web This Is" (2/3) Edit

1.24 | "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me (3/3) Edit