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Behind Closed Doors began as a three episode trial run during the Writer's Express MegaMash event. It was quickly confirmed that BCD had been granted a full season and the series contined on Friday 2nd May 2014. 

Wedding Weekend2

BCD's first big weekend was promoted as #WeddingWeekend. The special double saw nurse Jen Riley make the decision whether to go through with her wedding to Henry Richardson after her affair with Henry's best man Samuel Drake. 

As of Sunday 22nd June 2014, there has been 10 episodes.

Season One Cast ChangesEdit

Recurring/Guest Cast:

Character Actor Episode
Lizzie Roper 1x05
Sacha Parkinson  1x10

1x01 'I'm sure I can think of plenty more adjectives'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x01 Im sure I can think of plenty more adjectives
4/4/14 Hannah 1
  • Dr Robert Lyons began his first day working at Westbridge Hospital.
  • Tensions rised between father and son Lucas and Will Keating culminating in Will walking out of his job.
  • Barmaid Millie Powell's secret was revealed - her birth mother is nurse Jen Riley.

First Appearances of: Robert Lyons (Richard Mylan), Rachel Westbourne (Amy Robbins), Jen Riley (Sarah Jayne Dunn), Henry Richardson (Leon Ockenden), Gemma Westbourne (Sophie Austin), Ben Richardson (Charlie Behan), Tom Richardson (Matthew Goode), Carrie Westbourne (Jessica Brown Findlay), Samuel Drake (Alex Walkinshaw), Michael Drake (Danny Midwinter), Adam Kent (Darragh Mortell), Millie Powell (Hetti Bywater), Lucas Keating (Jimmy Akingbola), Will Keating (Aaron Fontaine), Liz Keating (Jill Halfpenny), Maggie Turner (Fiona Mollison), Nadine Keating (Shahnequa Duprey), Abbie Westbourne (Kelsey-Beth Crossley), Katie Richardson (Louisa Lytton), Tess Drake (Natalie J Robb) and Robyn Drake (Jacqueline Jossa).

Episode Title: 'I'm sure I can think of plenty more adjectives' Dr Robert Lyons

Classic Quotes:

"Just tell them to draw something, there's not much more to Art and Design is there?" Tom Richardson to Carrie Westbourne

"It's like me coming home and putting on a box set of Waterloo Road" Carrie Westbourne

1x02 'Now you're SuperBride'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x02 Now youre superbride
11/4/14 Hannah 2
  • The women gather for Jen Riley's hen night, but it looks like the bride is getting cold feet. Especially as Jen's affair with Samuel Drake is revealed to readers.
  • Dr Rachel Westbourne delivers heartbreaking news to Liz Keating - she is suffering from breast cancer.
  • Gemma Westbourne clashes with Robert Lyons.

First Appearances of: Karen Richardson (Michelle Collins), Nick Drake (William Rush), Pete Turner (Nicky Henson), Simon Richardson (Neil McDermott)

Episode Title: 'Now you're SuperBride' Katie Richardson

Classic Quotes:

"Most people tend to run around a hospital full of hot beverages, chemicals and frail patients" Robert Lyons to Gemma Westbourne

"Why do I feel like my body is punishing me?" Liz Keating

"Typical Jen, you think everyone fancies you" Gemma Westbourne

1x03 'You're an angel on earth'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x03 Youre an angel on Earth
18/4/14 Hannah 3
  • Nick Drake confided in mother Tess about his sexuality.
  • Will Keating continued to clash with father Lucas much to mother Liz's concern.
  • Jen Riley saw Samuel Drake's true colours as he rebuffed her feelings for him.

First appearances of: Andrew Richardson (Jesse Birdsall) and Stanley Drake (Ken Farrington)

Episode Title: 'You're an angel on earth' Stanley Drake

1x04 'We make our own luck'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x04 We make our own luck
2/5/14 Hannah 4
  • Jen Riley packed a bag and decided to leave fiance Henry Richardson.
  • Nadine Keating was devastated to overhear the truth about mother Liz's cancer diagnosis. 
  • Millie Powell found herself giving Jen advice.

Episode Title: 'We make our own luck' Henry Richardson

Classic Quotes:

"I'm nobody's groupie' Robyn Drake

"You have to ask yourself, are you really willing to walk away again from the people in your life?" Millie Powell

1x05 'Don't play the little girl lost'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x05 Dont play the little girl lost
10/5/14 Hannah 5
  • Nadine Keating confronted her mother Liz about hiding her illness.
  • Gemma Westbourne realised bride to be Jen Riley was missing.
  • Jen turned to her estranged mother Carmel Riley for advice.

This episode was the first in two promoted as #WeddingWeekend

Guest Appearance of: Carmel Riley (Lizzie Roper)

Episode Title: 'Don't play the little girl lost' Carmel Riley 

Classic Quotes:

"Hopefully we can find her and get her to the church without anyone realising she's Westbridge's answer to the runaway bride" Tom Richardson

1x06 'No need to turn it into a thunderstorm'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x06 No need to turn it into a thunderstorm
11/5/14 Hannah 6
  • LIz Keating finally opened up to her family about her breast cancer.
  • It was touch and go, but Jen Riley turned up at the church and married Henry Richardson.
  • Nick Drake finally told his father Michael the truth about his sexuality.

Jen Riley (Sarah Jayne Dunn) is now credited as Jen Richardson.

Episode Title: 'No need to turn it into a thunderstorm' Samuel Drake

Classic Quotes:


1x07 'Don't you ever get confused with what face you're using?'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x07 Dont you ever get confused with what face youre using
18/5/14 Hannah 7
  • Liz Keating put on a brave face as she had her operation.
  • Tension built between Michael Drake and son Nick in wake of Nick's confession.
  • Andrew Richardson continued to exercise his control over the women in his life.

Episode Title: 'Don't you ever get confused with what face you're using?'

1x08 'This place isn't exactly known for it's entertainment'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x08 This place isnt exactly known for its entertainment2
22/5/14 Hannah 8
  • Abbie Westbourne was forced to take the morning after pill after too much to drink the previous night.
  • Ben Richardson suffered an accident in the park while dad Tom was focused on Carrie Westbourne, leading Ben's mother Gemma to find out the truth about Tom and Carrie.
  • Stanley Drake reassured his grandson Nick.
Episode Title: 'This place isn't exactly known for it's entertainment' Liz Keating

1x09 'Polar bears are less volatile'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x09 Polar bears are less volatile
1/6/14 Hannah 9
  • Sisters Gemma and Carrie Westbourne battled over Carrie's feelings for Tom Richardson.
  • Michael Drake continued to isolate himself from his family.
  • Karen Richardson stood up to controlling husband Andrew as he tried to embarrass daughter Katie at a family meal.

Episode Title: 'Polar bears are less volatile' Carrie Westbourne

Classic Quotes:

"It's like a bad episode of Jeremy Kyle" Gemma Westbourne 

1x10 'My reputation precedes me'Edit

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x10 My reputation precedes me
22/6/14 Hannah 10
  • Will Keating found himself taken with singer Scarlett Benson and made a risky choice.
  • Nadine Keating was left humiliated after she made a move on Adam Kent.
  • Robert Lyons offended Gemma Westbourne as he questioned her decision to not return to her medical degree.

First Appearance of: Scarlett Benson (Sacha Parkinson)

Episode Title: 'My reputation precedes me' Scarlett Benson